How to Incorporate Neutral Tones into Your Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, you’ve got two types of people – those who love lots of vibrant colors and those who prefer a more neutral color palette inside their homes. If you’re the latter, you might be wondering how you can incorporate more neutral tones into your decor without making it bland and unexciting.


Well, you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, we’ve got lots of top tips to help you transform your home into a beautiful neutral-toned haven!


How to Incorporate Neutral Colors into Your Interior Design

Over the last few years, neutral interior design trends have grown in popularity. People enjoy the simplistic appearance of whites, greys, browns, and beiges.


Neutral colors are suitable for every room in the home. Despite popular belief, whites, creams, and beiges are highly versatile colors that can add character and depth to any area of your home.


Here are three of our top tips to help you incorporate a variety of neutral tones into your interior design. 


Consider light, neutral-toned statement pieces

White and cream-colored statement pieces are a great way to adjust your interior design to focus on neutral tones. Cupboards, furniture, and large accessories can come together to create a chic and stylish appearance in any room. 


The most impactful statement pieces to consider include sofas, cupboards, and coffee tables. For example, white modern couch can immediately catch the eye as soon as someone walks into your living room.


Your accessories can also function as statement pieces, such as a large cream-colored rug on your bedroom floor or a bright white sculpture in your hallway. You can match your statement furniture and accessories to your walls and floors for maximum visual impact.

If you can’t find the right combination of colours for your furniture, consider going for made-to-order solutions. To illustrate the point, it’s entirely possible to request a white cabinet with light grey custom-designed drawers. As long as you are willing to pay more, the sky is the limit here!


Don’t forget about your lighting

It’s easy to forget about lighting in your home when you’re switching up your interior design. However, lighting can make all the difference to the different colors and tones inside your home.


Your furniture and accessories reflect whatever light hits their surfaces. If you’re going for neutral interior design, try to make the most of natural light by keeping the window space clear. You can also use white or yellow bulbs to enhance the ambiance in your rooms while maintaining a neutral theme.


Decorate with natural materials

As lovely as it is to purchase all sorts of fancy accessories and man-made items for your home, you can’t beat natural materials. The majority of natural materials are neutral-toned, making your decorating simple and stress-free!


Think about wood furniture, natural stone flooring, and earth-toned accessories. You can combine each of these materials to create a stunning interior design that enables you to bring nature indoors. You can also include textured wallpaper that reflects the types of textures that you’d find in nature.

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