How to Indulge on a Budget

When people think of the word “indulge”, usually, tasty treats come in mind. Something decadent that may be not only high in calories, but probably expensive too. There is the social pressure of guilting yourself for enjoying the finer things in life, right? Who needs that? Why feel bad for self care!? While social pressure is one way to stop yourself from doing what you love, another would include your wallet.

Sometimes, indulging in things you absolutely love whether it be a trip or a new pair of jeans could be exactly what your soul needs but not something your bank account needs. So how can this be combatted? By doing lovely things all on a budget of course! Here’s your guide for self indulgence without the big price tag!

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Try out freebies

Who doesn’t love Free Stuff? Freebies make the world go around! It’s a great way to get what you like, or things you didn’t know you would like and there’s zero cost to you. Now, how can you even get free things? There are a few ways. Signing up for newsletters from beauty products usually guarantees something every once in a while. There are plenty of websites dedicated to freebies, even subreddits too.

Some businesses will give out freebies on someone’s birthday. Some social media ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram will have campaigns where beauty products are giving out freebies such as small containers of perfume. Other times, you’ll find freebies at grocery stores, and time to time freebies are given out at businesses. It can be hard to do the search but freebies are indeed out there.


Whether it’s a customer loyalty program or credit card points, these rewards can help. If you’re already going to need to make purchases anywhere you’re better off just going ahead and signing up for some of these rewards programs. Some programs such as hotels allow for you to have additional nights, free food, or other perks. 

The same can be said for clothing companies too in case you’re wanting to look stylish. Credit cards get a lot of love for this exact reason too. Building up credit card points can be one of the best ways to go. You can then redeem them for gift cards, money, travel, and so much more.

Do research

By all means, just keep researching for things you may want. There is always a chance you can find it or a very nice alternative. Vacations are the perfect example of this. How? Well, when it comes to indulging on vacation it’s all about the hotel and activities. The Maldives are loved for their luxury hotels, but trying to indulge in such an area can be expensive.

So, opting for similar features can be a great way to cut the price down. The Maldives Bungalows are expensive, same goes for Bora Bora. But Jamaica also has Bungalows but for a fraction of the cost. So it’s all about doing the research and having the willingness to just go ahead and accept some alternatives.

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