How to maintain your jewellery

There are a range of reasons why you own jewellery, from accessorising your outfits to holding sentimental value or feeding a collection habit. It’s popular too, with the UK market predicted to grow despite wider economic struggles. But like many investments, you need to look after your jewellery properly to keep it at its best.  

The good news is that jewellery care doesn’t demand a heapof work or expert knowledge. With a few basic tips, your prized possessions will continue to sparkle for generations to come. Discover five essential maintenance tips below!

Choose when to wear it wisely

The first tip is simple: choose when to wear it based on where you’re going and what you’re up to! You might wear your favourite diamond ring or necklace almost every day, for example – but it’s best to remove them for exercise, cleaning, gardening and other risky activities.  

As a general rule, your best pieces should be the last thing you put on before leaving the house and the first thing you remove when you return. This minimises exposure to potentially damaging substances and activities.

Store it safely

Proper storage is crucial when caring for your jewellery. Each piece should be stored separately to prevent scratches or tangles, making soft-lined jewellery boxes or individual pouches ideal. 

For silver items, anti-tarnish strips can help prevent oxidation. Keeping your jewellery in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight will also protect it from environmental damage over time.

Practice regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your jewellery looking its best. Make sure your cleaning methods are tailored to eachtype of jewellery, though!

Soft, lint-free cloths are perfect for a gentle wipe-down. For deeper cleaning, mild soap and warm water can be used on many gemstones – but always avoid harsh chemicals. Professional cleaning is recommended for valuable pieces, especially those with delicate settings or precious stones.

Travel carefully

When travelling, it’s important to transport your jewellery securely and discreetly. Use a dedicated jewellery roll or a small box with compartments to prevent damage and keep your items organised. You might consider carrying your mostvaluable pieces close at hand to reduce the risk of loss or theft.

Embrace sustainability

What if you follow all the tips above and still suffer damage? Thankfully, in line with our rising concern for the environment, there are growing trends towards sustainability in the jewellery industry – including repair and reuse!

If a beloved piece of your collection falters or fades, don’t feel resigned to throwing it away. A professional may be able to restore it to its former glory, avoiding waste and gifting you many more years of enjoyment.

Are you looking after your jewellery properly? With these tips in mind, you’ll preserve the longevity of your most precious pieces.

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