Live, Love and Party: 5 Ways on How You Can Make Parties More Memorable

Live, Love and Party: 5 Ways on How You Can Make Parties More Memorable with WhatLauraLoves

The big 3-0 is fast approaching for me and I’m really looking forward to celebrating with my friends and family.

A party is an ideal way to spend time with those you love, celebrate special occasions, and create lasting memories. Anyone can throw a party, but not everyone can throw a one that’s memorable for all the right reasons! Throwing an interesting party is not an easy task and it requires more planning and hard work than you might think; its not just a case of inviting your favourite amigos around for a drink!

In today’s post, I’m sharing five ways that you can make parties more memorable!


Even if you have the best band on the planet and the coolest decorations, they are vanity if you choose an inaccessible and inhospitable venue.  Choose a venue that is accessible, with great service and one that provides an plenty of space for you and your guests. You can hold your party in your house, like I did for my 29th birthday last year, a friend or family member’s house, a bar or club, or somewhere outdoors. Ensure that the venue goes well with the type of party you are holding and consider any themes or entertainment you might be having to make sure that its fit for purpose.


Themed parties are fun, memorable, and can make guests feel comfortable and part of the group. Many people struggle to dress up for a party and are uncertain about what to wear. With a theme party, guests have a similar dress code and often do not struggle to choose their attire. Common themes are black and white, jungle, masquerade, and costume party.  However for some people, a themed part is their worst nightmare, so choose wisely.  If all else fails, you can just go with cool and casual or dress to impress on the invites so that your guests know how dressy to go.


Create the right ambiance in your venue from the lighting to the décor and setting to give your guests an epic experience. Invest in comfortable seating, incredible lighting, and amazing decorations.  I’m having balloons from top Sunderland event planning company, Sparkles, for my birthday party and I can’t wait to see my balloon vision brought to life!

Ascertain that the food, beverages, and décor are on point. You can give your guests a unique experience by giving them new beers different from the usual supermarket ones. If you want more information about the new beers you can read all about it here. Your guests should leave the party with a great impression of the party and yearning to tell others about it.


Entertainment is key for any party.  Whether you opt for a singer like I am, or go for a DJ, live band or a juke box, make sure its the music that you and your guests love to listen to.  Consider writing a list of songs that you definitely want played and ones that you certainly do not want play hit on!


Aside from the music, its always a good idea to have extra activities and entertainment to make your party memorable whether it be beer pong, pimp your prosecco, a selfie booth or a magician!  I’m going to have a selfie wall and a donut wall at my party for my guests to enjoy.  I think they’ll end up taking so many selfies so not only will it be a great way to make memories but to capture them for the future too!

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Live, Love and Party: 5 Ways on How You Can Make Parties More Memorable with WhatLauraLoves

I hope that my tips have helped you.  Let me know your party planning tips in the comments!

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