How to Make a Travelogue That People Actually Watch

Many people love traveling. Everyone loves getting away from the monotony of their daily lives. Isn’t it great to lie on a beach while sipping a cool drink and staring at the beautiful water? You are far away from the worries of everyday life. Or wouldn’t it be wonderful to go on the top of a mountain and wake up every day to the beautiful visuals of nature?

Traveling gives you a chance to explore the beauty of nature, learn new things and rejuvenate yourself. While traveling alone gives time to meditate and self-reflect, you will have the best time when you travel in a group. There are more activities to do, and the memories you make will be shared with your loved ones. 

When on a trip, you should capture all the wonderful memories you are making and share them with your loved ones and the world. Besides, posting a travel video that entails beautiful encounters can earn you more followers on your social media and increase your social media presence as well. You don’t have to be an expert to shoot and put your travel experiences into a video. Here are some tips you can use for creating a travelogue that everyone will love.

Pack Right Equipment and Props

A good travel video begins with your pack list. Before you set off to your destination, you should bring along everything you require to get the fantastic shots you want. You can begin by choosing the camera type you will use. If your budget is limited, do not worry, your smartphone camera can create good quality videos. You can also depend on a good-quality external microphone if you want to record high-quality audio or you’re going to shoot in a windy environment.

This is not mandatory, though, as you can use the inbuilt microphones in your smartphone as it does a decent job as well. Another option would be to let go of the idea of recorded audio and add music to your video while you are editing. Choose songs that are trending or are a perfect match to the video’s mood. Kindly ensure you follow all the rules while adding music to the video. 

Besides this, you can select the kind of props or additional things you’d need to make your travelogue look beautiful. You can decide the kind of outfits you will wear on the trip depending on visiting. You can decide this based on what kind of audience you want your travelogue to attract. 

Know Your Destination

Before traveling to any place, it is best to know some of the things the destination has to offer. This will enable you to be more aware of the new destination you are visiting and ensure you have a lovely trip. Documenting your trip will also become easier if you know the places you will visit. 

Knowing some information about your destination will allow you to research everything you would want to see when you arrive at your destination and plan the trip accordingly. Remember, when traveling, several factors are at play and can influence your journey and the activities you intend to do in the area you visit. For example, if you know certain things about the place you are traveling to, you can check weather reports and find the best time to shoot.

Create a Shot List

Before you begin to shoot, have a clear vision of what you want your video to look like and what you will shoot on your trip. You can’t film everything. Having a list of ideas for fun activities available while traveling will help make the most of your time there and capture the best and most important scenes for your travelogue. It will save you time since you will only capture essential clips.

Tell a Story in Your Travel Video

Your travel video should tell your audience a story. There needs to be an order of the clips in your travelogue. You can’t just add clips one after the other. If you seek to reflect on your travel memory, you can add narration into your video after the trip. You can write a script or talk about your experiences while traveling. These experiences can include an incident or some interesting information about the destination that is not commonly available.

With a voice-over, adding the correct kind of music can also help you shape your video as per the story you want to communicate. Your audience should connect to the video and feel like they have been traveling with you. With a good story and narration or music, you can make the viewer feel like they are on vacation or traveling. If you ensure that your video gives the viewer a relaxed and lovely experience, your video is a hit.

Liven Your Travel Video with Interviews

To make your travelogue more interesting, you can add interviews of your fellow travelers. Provided they are willing, you can interview people with different tastes and personalities to explore all your destination offers. This way, you can cater to various kinds of viewers. 

You can interview some locals as well. It will be a unique addition to your travelogue and make it more attractive. Your audience would love to know about your destination and what it has to offer from a local perspective. 

Editing Your Travelogue Video

Once your trip is over and you have fully recovered from post-travel blues, you can sit down to look over your footage. Make sure you pay attention to the list of shots you had planned to take and the moments that stand out. You should cut out anything that doesn’t add value to your travel video. Remember, your viewers won’t like to watch your shaky or blurry footage.

Therefore, after you figure out clips to use in your video, you should sit and align the clips to the story you want to portray. Next, you will edit your footage to bring your story to life. You can use a simple video editing tool to work on your footage. But, it would be better if you know how to edit video with advanced software. This will improve the quality of your video. An advanced video editor provides a wide range of features like music color correction features and allows you to add cute transitions into your footage. All these features will make your video more attractive.


Traveling is a sweet adventure. You can take good pictures and clips to share with friends and family when on a trip. Many people will watch your travel video if you do it well. So, take your camera along with you, take essential clips, and edit the footage to tell a good story about your journey. That way, you will make life easier for your fellow travelers who want to visit places you have gone.

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