How To Make Your Home Bigger


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In the past, space for building was ample, with most cities and towns having loads of space for development. Home weren’t built to try and maximise space which didn’t exist, instead being large and open buildings, giving their occupants all of the room they could possibly need. Nowadays, though, times have changed, and even the smallest of towns are having to fight for space. To help you to overcome this issue, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to make your home bigger, without having to move somewhere new.

Smart Storage/Furniture

Even if you had the largest room in the world, it would be easy to make it feel cluttered if you filled it with furniture which didn’t use the space effectively. There are loads of smart storage options hitting the market at the moment, with the empty space often found in items like sofas being made into something a lot more usable. One of the best examples of this is underfloor storage, as this gives you easy access to the items you want to shut away, but won’t force you to fill your rooms with furniture to do the job.

Making An Extension

While a lot of properties are tight on space, gardens and yards are still very common, and this gives you the opportunity to look at building outwards. Building an extension isn’t a simple process, though, and you will need to make sure that you handle each stage of it correctly. To help out with this, it will be worth getting in touch with a professional construction company, as this will ensure that each side of this process is handled properly. There are strict laws in place which govern property rights and building rules, and this makes it crucial that you have someone who understands them working with you.

Going Up

Most homes are filled with unused space as a result of the way they have to be put together. If you have a roof on your property, it’s likely that you have some loft space, and this is a great candidate for a conversion. A loft conversion is similar to an extension, and you will need help from a company which is experienced in this area. When you choose to go down this route, you will need to be creative with the way that you use your space. While lofts are often large and open, they will also suffer with low and slanted ceilings, and this can create a little bit of a challenge when it comes to finding furniture for them.

Outside Storage

Over the course of a few years, most homes will quickly fill with items which don’t get used very often. Camping gear, sports equipment, and other leisure tools are great examples of this, but are also items which most people won’t want to get rid of. There’s no reason to burden your home with this, though. There are loads of self-storage companies out there, offering customers the chance to borrow space for all of their belongings. This doesn’t cost too much, and is far more secure that using a shed or a garage for this sort of storage.


Once all of the furniture is in a room, a lot of people will feel like their job is done, and that they don’t have much else to do. In reality, though, rearranging your rooms can be an excellent way to squeeze more space out of them. It will take some time to develop an eye for furniture arrangements, and you may have some failed attempts along the way, but it’s well worth trying this option when you’re unsure of what else you can do. This option is free, doesn’t take too long, and is something which anyone can do. Of course, though, you may need to go further if your home is completely stuffed.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making more out of the space you have at home. It doesn’t take long to fill a building, and a lot of people find themselves gearing up to move when they find themselves in this position. In reality, though, moving home is an expensive process, and you may already have everything you need in your existing property. It’s always worth exploring all of your options when you’re approaching something like this, as it can help you to avoid making mistakes or missing opportunities which could shape your home into what you want.

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