How To Make Your Home Feel Cosier

Living Room

A home should make you feel comfortable on many levels. Obviously, a few cosy cushions and perhaps even a throw on the sofa will help, but true comfort is much deeper than this. It’s aesthetic. The interior design of your household has to elicit feelings of warmth. It has to make you feel welcome. Your environment has a big effect on how you think and feel. So, here are some visually captivating design ideas for your humble abode.

A vintage living room.

Designing your living room in a vintage style is a great way to make your humble abode look visually captivating. For starters, you could replace your carpet with wooden flooring. This is a much more stylish and sophisticated way to design your lounge. Wood is timelessly and effortlessly classy. Of course, if you miss the cosiness of a carpet, then you can always get a comfy and aesthetically pleasing rug to make sure your living room still feels relaxing practically as well as visually. Maybe you could also put your fireplace to good use and get some high-quality heat logs. This will have the functional benefit of keeping you warm whilst also adding to the traditional aesthetic of your living room. It’s the best of both worlds.

Culturally-inspired aesthetics.

If you want to add some class and character to your living space, then you might want to consider getting inspiration from different cultures. Perhaps you could focus on places you’ve visited that you really loved. You could show your appreciation by letting the trademark designs of those cultures influence the design of your household. If you’ve never visited India, then you should definitely book a trip there at some point in the future. Household design in this country is all about colours; it is a proud and vibrant country. You could get some stunning multicoloured rugs and other fabrics for your home. Materials such as copper and gold are used in home design throughout India to signify the sophistication of their culture. Parisian style could influence your house in a positive way too. Art Deco is the signature look that can be attached to Paris; deep purple exudes class, and rich textures add some depth and sophistication to the aesthetic of a home.

Mood lighting.

The idea of using lighting to affect moods is nothing new. Yet, some households seem to be better-lit than others. What’s the secret? Well, for starters, the design of your home really matters. Lighter colours will always make a room feel fresher. By repainting your walls with a fresh coat of white paint, for instance, you could make rooms feel brighter and more welcoming. This could really give your home an airy feel and make you much more relaxed. A three-tier lighting system works well too: ceiling lights, wall lights, and table/floor lights need to complement one another. Your kitchen might have bright overhead lights for cooking and entertaining guests, but it should also have soft lights in the dining area (e.g. warm wall lights or candles on the table). Your bedroom should also have a bright main light but a warm lamp on the bedside table so you can unwind in the evening. Mood lighting can definitely help you to create a visually captivating and relaxing abode.

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