How to Make Your Travel Blog Interesting

Travel blogs are extremely popular these days. In fact, this form of writing and self-expression has fully replaced travel books on the market. It’s easy to see why. Travel blogs are often free, accessible in any corner of the world, and easy to make or find online. So, millions of people run some type of travel digest these days. Many choose to blog to tell friends and the world about their adventures in a foreign land. 

Such high popularity of travel blogging makes this niche hard to enter or succeed. Of course, finding your audience is still possible. Yet, you’ll need to work hard to stand out in such a competition. Keeping your motivation high and your passion strong will certainly help you. However, learning a few tips along the way wouldn’t hurt either. So, let’s see a few tips on how to make your travel blog interesting to your readers. 

Keep practising

First and foremost, you should pay great attention to your writing. The quality of writing will determine whether people even want to read your blog in the first place. So, before focusing on how to be interesting to online users, focus on readability first. Writing should be something you feel passionate and strong about. You should put your heart into it. Strive for perfection. Don’t let any errors or poor content find their way into your posts. Show respect to your readers by posting only well-edited, high-quality content. 

Thus, keep on practising. Write every day. Make notes while travelling or visiting new places. Take good photos. Remember, you don’t have to post everything you write. Sometimes, it’s best to have one last critical evaluation of your writing before posting. Following this rule, don’t make any promises on frequent posting. It’s best to make fewer posts but have them all high-quality. 

Find a narrow niche

These days, a travel blog already sounds too common, too broad. You need something more specific in the title to draw people’s attention. Hence, you should choose a narrow niche. Think about how your travel experiences are different from the others. Perhaps you are a travelling nomad. That’s a niche. You can write about work and travel. For instance, you post about the best coworking spots in a country, work tips while travelling, etc. 

Maybe you travel with your pets. That’s a niche, too! People love following various pets’ social media pages. You can use that to your advantage. Or, maybe, you just plan to charm everyone with your sense of humour and positive approach to life. That can be a niche too. Overall, find ways to stand out among the rest of similar blogs. Find a niche and fight for a light spot there. 

Do what interests you

Don’t try to find things you think will interest others. Start by doing and engaging in things that are interesting to you. There is a big difference in mindsets. As long as you find certain places, activities, and sports interesting, other people will do too. However, a constant search for what people will like may lead you in the wrong direction. This way, you follow the wrong premise that what you find interesting may look boring to others. That’s a mistake. Moreover, it’s a very harmful one. First, such a mindset won’t make your blog any better. Secondly, such thinking will eventually affect your self-esteem and confidence in your enterprise. 

So, think of what you would like to read in a travel blog. Contemplate what you want to do in a new country you are visiting. Make sure to write things that you find important and useful. For instance, think of what you wish you knew before going to a certain state or visiting certain locations. Share your gained wisdom with your followers. Thus, don’t try to predict what readers may like or dislike. Use your experience to judge your future posts. Write only what you find interesting to read yourself. 

Show your individuality

Yes, you write about travels. But it is still a blog. People may come to your site to learn a few things about the countries you visit, but they will stay for you. We read blogs to find people we can relate to or find funny, interesting, amusing, or something else. Overall, we love blogs for the individualities of the people who run them. For that reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself at the centre of your writing. 

It’s okay to be expressive, express your opinions, and show your emotions in the blog. After all, it’s your personal space. Sharing some parts of your life is quite important in a blog. This way, you show your true self and make people like you and understand you. This is how you connect with your readers. So, showing who you are won’t ever hurt. 

Include good images

Last but not least, people love to see things for themselves. If they can’t travel where you are, they, at least, would appreciate some good photos. So, make sure you can provide your readers with great visuals. They don’t have to be professional or look perfect every time. They just need to be true. Such photos should deliver the emotions you felt at those places. 

The visual content should be so convincing that your readers want to see those places. So they feel like postponing work and homework, asking reliable and professional writing services, “Can you do my paper for me?” and booking tickets to wherever you are. 

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