How to Match Your Shoes with the Dress: 7 Tips to Follow

Shoes aren’t accessories that help you walk without placing your feet on the bare floor. They are more than that. When paired with the right dress, shoes can complement your appearance, making you stand out wherever you find yourself. 

Unfortunately, many women don’t know how to match their shoes and dresses. As a result, some botch the whole process and end up as a laughing stock, or worse, a victim of Fashion Police.

Below, we highlighted various shoe types and provided tips on matching them with the right dress for a complete and peng appearance.


Types of Shoes


  1.     Peep Toes

So you recently purchased a pair of nice peep shoes, but you aren’t sure of the outfit to match it with. Before you start thinking hard, you must understand that peep toes are great with bare legs. So, you can match these shoes with a mini or knee-length skirt.

However, if you don’t seem okay with stilettos, you can consider wedges. Peep toes can also be worn with casual wear as well. For example, you can combine the flat peep toes with opaque leggings or leggings with tops that reach the hips.


  1.     Pumps

Pumps are attractive shoes that are compatible with outfits that have a chic appeal. These urban and stylish shoes can be worn with pantsuits, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, and even long formal dresses.

If you aren’t satisfied with these options, you can pair your pair of pumps with short dresses. While in winter, you can complement your appearance with trench coats or long fur jackets with skinny jeans and a pair of nice-looking pumps.


  1.     Stilettos

Stilettos and pumps are like twins. They don’t have much difference. While pumps are closed high heels, stilettos are the opposite.

You can don your pair of stilettos with almost everything, whether it is formal, casual, or party wear. This makes stilettos a must-have for women who love versatile shoes.


  1.     Heels

Heels are a staple of fashion, adorned by many women and even men. But, the sad truth is, though a coveted fashion accessory, many women don’t know the right dress for their high heels.

Do you have one of those cute high heels? We recommend matching them with pantsuits, office attire, denim jeans, etc., for a sharp, professional and elegant look. Heels are perfect for office outfits, as they help boost confidence and convey authority. For easy mobility, ensure you go for the one you are comfortable in.


  1.     Boots

What comes to mind when you see a pair of fancy boots? Winter? Well, sure! But boots aren’t only designed for the winter season. When paired with the right outfit, your boots can add charm to your overall appearance.

So, what do you match your pair of boots with?

First, we recommend matching the ankle-length, knee-length, or over-the-knee boots with a leather jacket and jeans. You can also pair your boots with short dresses, skinny jeans, capes, long dresses, etc. The beauty of boots is that they go with several outfits. Therefore, you can try different outfits to achieve unique and peng appearances.


  1.     Trainers

Running shoes or trainers, as they are commonly called, are often worn for their comfort. However, that has changed. People don’t wear trainers because they make the feet comfy. They also wear them because they are fashionable.

That said, don’t be shy to try out the vibrant trainers or those with fast colors; they are considered to be the next big trend based on fashion bloggers. These shoes are ideal for airport looks and recreational activities like hiking, cycling, etc. You can also match them with pleated skirts and longline blazers, loosed denim and bra tops, or cycling shorts and a sweatshirt. Get creative. Try out numerous outfit combos.


  1.     Slip-on shoes

Slip-on has been around for a while. In fact, they were once considered outdated, stale, and every uncool term you could think of. However, fortunately, these shoes didn’t take long to prove the critics wrong.

Fast-forward to today; slip-on is now considered chic, comfortable and cool. They are ideal for the on-the-go individual and can be matched with long or short summer dresses. Alternatively, you can pair them with narrow trousers, jeans, leggings, etc. Ditch the socks. Expose your ankle while on slip-on for a complete appearance.




The key to selecting the right shoes for your dress is attention to detail. Your focus should be on the color of the shoe you intend to wear. If it matches what you have in mind, you are good to go. However, if it doesn’t, it’s a bad choice, especially if the shoe color competes with your clothes. 

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