How To Motivate Yourself To Study After A Gap Year

The gap year concept is no longer an anomaly, as many students take a break intentionally, while others are forced to do it due to unexpected circumstances. The pandemic was one of the reasons for countless students dropping a year or two. While gap year is a new normal, getting back to study mode after a break can be challenging. You will likely experience a motivation drop due to disruption in routine and emotional factors. Moreover, sitting with your juniors may not go well with your self-esteem. But you can do your bit to motivate yourself after a gap year. Here are a few actionable tips students can rely on.

Identify your purpose

A comeback after a gap year can be stressful, even if you took the break intentionally. The best way to motivate yourself is by identifying your purpose for returning to college. Understand what led you to the decision of a study break and identify your new goals. Try taking things in a stride, even if missing out due to unavoidable reasons sounds depressing. But you can start from scratch and consolidate from there.

Make rejoining an exciting event

Try to make rejoining an exciting event so that you see only the positive side of the picture. Revamp your wardrobe and get a makeover to step back with confidence and style. You may have to sit with your juniors, but consider it an opportunity to build new friendships. The good thing is that you can reconnect with your peers if they are still in college outside the class hours. 

Fuel yourself with inspiration

Fuelling yourself with inspiration is a surefire way to find your motivation for a comeback after a gap year or two. You can subscribe to an Instagram page that offers daily motivation quotes for students. Create an inspiring study space by displaying a fake college diploma as it reminds you of your end goal. You can also frame your favourite quotes and hang them on the walls. 

Rework your routine

Establishing a study routine is perhaps the most challenging aspect of rejoining college after a gap year. You will probably be out of touch with writing assignments, doing homework, and studying for exams. Things can get even more daunting if you work part-time. But you can ease into a routine a few months before the academic calendar commences. Maintain a sleep-wake cycle and create a new timetable to get a smooth start once you begin the classes.

Seek support

You cannot expect the comeback journey to be stress-free. Seeking support is the best way to deal with your emotional woes, so do not hesitate to ask for it. Discuss your concerns with a close friend or your parents. You may join a support group for students going through a similar struggle. Talking to a teacher, mentor, or college counsellor is a good idea because they understand your challenges.

Rejoining college after a gap year is an uphill journey, but commitment and dedication keep you going. Embrace the right mindset, and see the positive side of the experience to make it a smooth one.

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