How to Plan a Couple’s Getaway: Parents Edition

There’s nothing quite like a romantic getaway with just your loved one, basking in moments of luxury and sharing exciting adventures together. But a couple’s vacation isn’t all champagne and infinity pools; there can be plenty of stressful moments and unforeseen problems.

A great couple’s getaway is complicated further if you have a family, but is probably even more necessary!

Luckily, with a little prep, planning, and foresight, you can plan the perfect parents’ vacation that lets you spend a little quality time together away from the kids and gives you some much needed R&R. So before you start booking a couple’s cruise or looking up secluded cabins in the Swiss Alps, take a look at these tips on how to plan the perfect couple’s getaway!

Make Several Childcare Plans

Ensuring appropriate childcare to allow you to get away as a couple is probably the most crucial part of planning your vacation. However, childcare plans have an annoying tendency to fall apart at the last minute, as other commitments take precedence. The key to this is to have a Plan B, and if possible a Plan C and D as well! Don’t let your romantic trip be hostage to other people’s plans changing last-minute!

Book a Kid-Free Destination

If you are booking a vacation for a much-needed break from the kids, you don’t want to end up somewhere full of other families! Look for less kid-friendly experiences like a trip through wine country or a spa resort, or even book yourself into an adults-only hotel! After all, nothing kills your romantic buzz quicker than the sound of other people’s kids…

Don’t Call It a ‘Romantic Getaway’

This might sound hypocritical given the multiple references to romance above, but try to avoid describing your vacation as a romantic getaway as much as possible. Raising expectations and putting pressure on yourselves to be ‘romantic’ can often result in more stress, less romance, and the constant worry that you aren’t being lovey-dovey enough! Relax, chill out, and let your trip go its own way. The very fact of going off on an adventure together will be romantic enough!

Try Something New

Most importantly of all, a couple’s getaway is a chance to try something new and different. Take a look at your bucket list or jump at the chance to explore somewhere you’ve always wanted to see – this is the perfect opportunity!

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