How to Plan A Virtual Party For Your Girlfriends?

Lockdown party

People celebrate their birthdays and achievements with friends and family. Parties are organised and guests get to enjoy several delicacies and drinks. Well, this is no longer possible – at least for now – in most parts of the world. Following the COVID-19 situation, a gathering of more than ten people (more so for a party) is considered risky.

However, you can still enjoy virtual celebrations with your girlfriends – thanks to the advancements in technology. Make the time you spend together quite memorable by doing the things you like with your friends. The best thing about virtual parties is that they are affordable and easy to set up. In this article, we are going to look at some of the steps you can follow when planning such an event.


Of course, like any other event, the first thing is always to invite family, friends, and other guests. It can either be a formal or an informal invite depending on your preference. You can send a group text but we recommend using invitation platforms like Greenvelope. This way, you’ll be able to capture the attention of as many people as you like.

In your guest list, make sure you include all the people you want to attend the party. You can discuss with your friends and family on who or who shouldn’t attend the party. Sometimes you bring someone on board and they spoil the whole event. Remember, a virtual party doesn’t need to have 20 or so people. You can celebrate with five girlfriends and you’ll still enjoy the ride.


You don’t want people showing up at the party unprepared. Yes, it’s a virtual event, but don’t underestimate the power of preparations. To make the party memorable, you need to make sure that everything is in place. he things you can discuss include the party theme, time, and venue. Well, the venue in this case refers to the platform you’ll use.

There are several platforms from which you can choose your favourite. Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, and Facetime are some of the main platforms to consider. Remember that some of these websites and apps are only designed to handle a small group. Therefore, remember to keep in mind the number of people whom you’ve invited.


This is something that’s often ignored by many party planners. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a virtual or traditional party. Giving everyone a role to play is very important. For instance, if you are planning to host a game night party, then you should decide on the game leader. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the host – just anyone in the group with leadership qualities can take up that role.

Delegating responsibilities before the party day ensures that your event will run smoothly. As the host or the leader, you’re also expected to come up with a list of activities. What will you do during the virtual party? Are there any games available? Of course, everyone will like to play a game or two because this is what strengthens friendships and bonds between the guests.


Since it’ll be a virtual party, most people will ignore decorations because they’ll feel it’s not important. Well, decorations are vital for bringing that festive feel to your event. So, how will you bring your A-game in terms of decorations? It’s a lot easier than a traditional party because you only need to set your background.

It’s okay if you want to decorate the rest of the room. However, that may be a waste of time and money if the guests don’t see those areas. You don’t have to go fancy for your background to look great. Kaleidoscopic balloons, banners, and streamers are enough to set the mood. How you set your area is up to you but remember to use bright colours.

Lockdown Party


Don’t underestimate this party just because it’s a virtual event. The main objective here is to have fun and enjoy the time together during these uncertain times. What better way to do so than wearing costumes? As earlier stated, you should always set a theme for the party. The decision you make will give you an idea of which costumes to put on during the celebration.


Yes, it’s a party! But without some ground rules, the event may not run as smoothly as you want. One of the rules should be when to switch on your microphone. Although it’s an informal event, it’s important to take turns when speaking. Therefore, only the speaker should switch on their microphone so that the rest can listen.

Imagine all of you talking at the same time on your microphones. It’ll be noisy and chaotic. Some platforms allow the host to control the microphones, which makes the event a bit more organised. So, you can decide whether to go with this idea or have everyone control their microphones and follow the rules.

Depending on your theme, you can also decide on the subjects that shouldn’t be discussed. We recommend that you take a break from the current events and focus on yourselves. Use this time to catch up with each other and strengthen friendships. Today’s news can be quite stressful; so, try as much as possible to avoid such topics.


So, you’re all set for the party? The background brings the party mood, but how about the surroundings? Avoid busy backgrounds as they can lead to distractions. It’ll be better to use your room rather than the living room unless you’ve invited your family to the party. Also, make sure that you don’t disturb the existing furniture layout just to decorate the place. Keep it simple so that you don’t have to do too much work after the party.

A party is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends while taking a break from current events. Virtual parties have become a norm and you can also take advantage of this advancement. Decide on the theme, the guest-list, the ground rules, and the platform to use. Send out invitations and decorate the place. Keep in mind the points discussed above and enjoy the party.

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