How to Prepare For Adopting a Pet

Bringing a pet home can be a delightful, special, and memorable moment. It is, however, not just all magical and exciting, as heavy responsibilities come along with adopting a pet. This new member of the family requires equal attention, just like any other member, if not more. A smooth transition for your pet into its new home is the first step towards ensuring comfort for everyone.

Adopting a pet is no different from bringing home a new baby. The preparations required are similar whether you are preparing to adopt a cat or a dog. Check out some great tips on how to get ready before adopting a pet.

Give the Pet Some Personal Space

Balance all your love with space. Just like human beings, your pet requires personal space to do its thing. Set aside space in particular rooms where your pet will feel comfortable and at home. Different kinds of pets require different types of environments to thrive. Nuwber talks about the difference between dog and cat lovers, so that might influence your decision as well. Get the preparations done before the adoption process is complete. Spending the first few weeks with your pet after bringing it home is advisable. If you can bring it to work, make sure to create a similar environment at your workplace.

Book an Appointment with Your Vet Beforehand

While your pet is more than likely to arrive at its new home healthy, it does not hurt to schedule a check-up appointment with the vet. This check-up is essential because the vet can do a thorough physical check, diagnose possible medical conditions, and administer vaccines that haven’t been administered already. Any suspicious behavioral conditions are also noticeable and addressed before they become serious issues.

Buy Enough Supplies

Purchasing pet supplies before bringing home a pet saves you the anxiety of trying to get everything in a rush. Stock up enough collars, leashes, potty bags, litter boxes, scratching posts, sprays, grooming kits, and most importantly food. With the variety of food available, it can be overwhelming and a challenge to decide on a specific product. Just make sure the food includes high-quality protein and a variety of healthy fruit and vegetables like those in Badlands Ranch products, and it will be perfect for your pet.

Pet Proof Your Home and Yard

Before pet-proofing your home begins, decide whether the pet will be restricted to some part of the house or will be free to roam around. Your home should be a safe place for your pet. Keep poisonous substances like cleaning solutions, medicine, and gum out of pets’ reach. Get rid of electric cords, naked wires, or anything that can be harmful to your pet.

Come Up With a Schedule

Depending on the type of pet you are getting, it is good to create a schedule that works for both of you. It is imperative to worry about your pet if you are away for most of the day. It would help to have other family members that would assist you with taking care of the pet while you are not around. If you live alone, you can take your pet for pet care while you are away. Training your pet professionally could also come in handy so you do not have to worry about their behaviour while you are away.

Set Ground Rules

Every member of the family is probably not on the same page about your new pet. Before the pet is brought home, ensure you have rules regarding where the pet should or shouldn’t go, where they should sleep, what they shouldn’t eat, etc. It would also help to develop a chores list so that everyone has a role to play to help the pet feel comfortable.

Introduce the Pet to Family Members Gradually

A surprise welcome home for your pet is a good thing. However, it can be a rough transition. It is best to consider a gradual transition. Take your family to regular visits to your pet’s old home before adopting it for introductions. Some pets do best if they have met the family beforehand. When at home, set a place aside where the family members can visit the pet to make acquaintances before they can freely roam around the house.

Get your Pet Some Toys

Pets like to explore surroundings using their mouth, especially when young. With this in mind, stock up on chewable toys, so they are not tempted to chew on other substances. Consider bringing toys that the pet had in their previous home to bring on the “at home” feeling. Research the toys this pet loves playing with, as different pets prefer different toys.

Get a Change in Air Purifiers

There are air purifiers that are specifically designed for homes with pets. You should invest in these if you are particularly concerned about the dander and hair in your house. Some pets shed quite a lot. This could be a problem if someone in the family is allergic to fur. An excellent quality air purifier changes every three months and comes in handy to keep the air clean and fresh for everyone.

Consider Relocating House Plants

Just like toddlers, pets will put anything they come across in their mouths. Plants are no exception. More than 700 indoor plants are toxic if ingested by dogs and cats. Although plants make the indoor space attractive, they can be a great health risk for your pets. If you’ve got any harmful plants, consider placing them in places out of reach by the pets. If having plants in your home is non-negotiable, you can bring in pet-friendly plants that will cause no harm to the pets if chewed on.

Conclusion                                                         ‚Äč

According to statistics, more than 85 million households in America have at least one pet. Owning a pet has become more like a rite of passage. Preparations before a pet is adopted are then taken rather seriously. Most pet adoption centers require a house visit before the adoption process is complete. The whole idea behind the preparation is to ensure a smooth stay for your pet and guarantee a great time together. During the first few days, put in all the patience you can with your pet; shower them with all the love and attention.

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