How to reduce your energy bills

As the cost-of-living rises, everyone is looking for additional ways to reduce energy bills and to help save a little bit of extra money each year. Whilst they may not be the most jaw-dropping savings, a little each month can certainly make impressive results.

Keep the heat in by changing or re-vamping your flooring

Believe it or not, the flooring choice that you make in your home can actually have an effect on your energy bills. There are many different flooring options to consider. Modern homeowners are making use of alternative heating measures such as underfloor heating. With various options to consider like electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating, it may be worth researching your options. If you are installing laminate or wooden flooring, it is important to ensure that you have the proper insulation and underlay laid first. This will not only help to cushion the flooring but will help retain heat.

Insulate and double glaze your home

When it comes to insulating any home, your property type is something to consider. For example, modern properties and new builds often already have plenty of insulation installed into the walls and roof areas. If you live in an older building, then you may need to look at making these changes yourself.

Installing insulation into the attic is a good place to start. This will prevent heat loss through the roof during the winter months. Wall insulation and panelling are another way to ensure that your home is energy efficient and that the heat is not lost through cracks and draughts in walls or bay windows.

Double glazing is an absolute game changer when it comes to saving money. The cost of the initial installation may be an outlay at first, but the benefits will be lifelong in your home.

Everyday changes that may also help to reduce your energy bills

There are a few small (but simple) day-to-day changes that you can make to save money. These include:

Be mindful about electricity usage – has switched a light on when you enter the room become a force of habit? Most of us are guilty of doing this, when it may not always be necessary. Keeping a mindful watch on how and when lighting is used, could save you money in the long run.

Consider your water usage – you could opt to make some simple changes to how you use your water. Boiling a kettle may seem like a standard task, but did you know that using only the amount you require (rather than boiling a full kettle each time) could actually save you money? Making a mental note to embrace small changes may prove worthwhile.

Grow your own – growing your own fruit and veg from seeds is a cost-effective way to feed your family. If you have an outside space that is big enough for a few raised beds or planters, it’s easy to get started! Not only will you reap the rewards, you’ll also know exactly what you are consuming. Potential buyers may also be attracted to the versatility that being self-sufficient brings, so this really is a win-win!

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