How To Renovate Your Child’s Room On A Budget

Childrens Nursery Inspiration

Children grow up so quickly that although it may seem like only yesterday you were putting together their first cot, they’ve already outgrown it and will need a whole new room very soon, this is going to happen a lot over the years as they outgrow their rooms – not just in size, but also in the things they like.

That once tiny girl who wanted her bedroom to resemble something that Barbie would live in now won’t be seen anywhere near such a thing and now wants the complete opposite – whilst this can be a bit of a headache, it’s also just part of raising children, and it really doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to update their bedrooms once in a while.

I’m of the age where my friends are starting to become parents and I hope that sometime in the next few years it’ll be my turn too.  It is so lovely to see their journey through pregnancy, buying all of the things that they need and designing their baby’s nursery.  I love interior design so I think that when I become a parent, this is something that I’ll enjoy too.  Really creating a child’s room carries many of the same principles as any other room in the house, or at least the same as creating an adults bedroom; storage is very important, using neutral colours enables you to switch things up more frequently and you can always save money by buying second hand furniture or repurposing some other furniture from other rooms in your house.

My friend Jaymee is awesome at interiors; I love the personal touch she’s added to her home, including to her daughters nursery.  I love how creative she is and how she was able to create such a beautiful children’s room without spending a fortune.  I’ve included a couple of pictures of it in this post for you to check out while I share some tips for how to renovate your child’s room on a budget…

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Storage is something that can never go wrong in any room, and especially not for children’s rooms with all the stuff they accumulate over the years as they grow up.  However, if you invest in some good quality storage it will typically last for years and withstand any style you or your child chooses for the room, so whether it’s under bed storage, rauch wardrobes, or even good quality wall storage, there’s plenty of ways you can get creative with room storage to keep things organised and tidy.


Just because you might have to change the style of the room every few years, doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton of money on new furniture and renovations.  You can repurpose old furniture by painting or sanding it and making it look completely different.  If you’ve never done this before, then you don’t have to worry about it being overly complicated – you can find plenty of inspiration and tutorials online to help you.

Childrens Nursery Inspiration


Second hand furniture can make a truly great addition to any room and is, not only far more affordable than the stuff that’s brand new, but can actually be much better quality and more original since you can find unique and one of a kind pieces when buying second hand furniture instead of store-bought furniture that’s very often mass produced.


One of the best ways to change up a room style quickly and on a budget is by keeping the base of the room such as the walls and floors neutral so that you can easily add new furniture and accessories when you’re ready to give it a complete new look.  If you’re unsure which colours or shades would look good in your room, then you can find plenty of ideas and inspiration online to help you get started.  Painting is something that’s easy to do, and it’s not something that costs a lot of money, so you can easily change the look of your room quickly and without spending a ton of money on it.

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