How To Slay Your Monday with Yours Clothing

Did you spend your Sunday evening dreading getting up for work the next day?

Well listen up ladies because Mondays belong to the go-getters.

I always find that if you start your week positively and productively then the rest of the week is more inclined to follow suit; you’re not playing catch up and you’re online to hit your goals.

For a little #MondayMotivation, I thought I’d share 10 top tips on how to slay your Monday.

1. WAKE UP Get up with your alarm… the first one.  Not the one at half past the hour after its been ringing every five minutes since it first went off.  On a Monday morning, as much as you’d love to press snooze, don’t put off the day that is to come any longer; get up when your alarm goes off and seize the day!

2. MAKE YOUR BED Monday always gets the week off to a great start when you keep your place tidy.  When you get out of bed, make it.  The act takes  only a few seconds but your body will thank you for it when you get back in at the end of the day and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed 

3. GET MOVING A little stretching or some light cardio can make you feel more alive, awake and motivated.  I like to dance about while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready and on days where I don’t have quite so long of a day ahead of me, I pop on a couple of youtube workout videos.  They’re great fun to move along to and encouraging too.

4. SHOWER Have a refreshing shower as soon as you can… toilet, teeth, then straight in, no faffing around.  You haven’t got time to waste if you’re going to slay your week!

5. BREAKFAST Fuel up ready for the day ahead; until this year, I have never been a fan of breakfast unless I was staying at a hotel but I’ve started to make a conscious effort to get into the habit of eating it and its surprising the positive impact it has on my day.  Hangry is a thing of the past, I’m focused, alert and not hearing my tummy rumble!

6. FASHION Pop on a bangin’ outfit: my Always Slay slogan top is from the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing.  I’m absolutely loving their fast fashion, forward styling pieces as they’re a quick and easy way to update my wardrobe with the current trends.  I love the choker style neckline and the foil metallic print.  Paired with my acid wash cropped jeggings, it makes the most perfect casual outfit which is great for work days when I’m running errands, taking photos for clients or doing anything that isn’t sealing a deal or holding a meeting.  They’re both really comfortable which is perfect for my more casual days.  For meetings, I’ll wear something more workwear focused but regardless of what I pick out, I always choose pieces the night before that make me feel my best.

7. PLAN YOUR DAY The iPhone Calendar App is great for planning out your day.  Make sure all of your meetings are scheduled in advance and that you leave enough room for travelling time.  Schedule in time slots to tackle your to-do list and don’t forget a bit of ‘Me Time’ as a reward; you’ll need it after a long day!

8. SELF TALK Give yourself a morning pep talk.  If you’re struggling with something, come up with three ways that you can over come it.  Tell yourself that you’ve got this!

9. TIME Rather than rushing around, if you’ve scheduled your alarm correctly, you’ll have ensured that you have enough time to get to work safely, without rushing. Pop on your favourite album on and sing along to make you feel energised, focused and happy!

10. FOCUS Keep your eyes on the task at hand as you work you way through your calendar/to-do list.  If you work really hard to complete it today, the success you feel at slaying your day will be all the motivation you need to get the same rewarding feeling every day of the week!


What are your tips for slaying your Monday?  What do you think of the Limited Collection from Yours Clothing?


  1. Mimi Swaby
    July 6, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Yes, love this! Tackling Monday in the most fashionable way!! xx

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