How To Stay Cool At Home On A Summers Night With JML Chillmax #AD

JML Chillmax Pillow On top of pillow

*This post is in paid partnership with JML, all opinions are my own.

Summer 2018 will forever be remembered as the first year that I truly lived my best life.  I travelled all over Bali on my own and almost a month later, returned to the UK feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to share what I had learned about myself, the world and others around me.  The UK was right in the middle of a heatwave that would be set to last all summer long and my apartment in South Shields definitely saw the best of it.

The windows remained open permanently for months, we would sleep with the balcony door wide open each night and by the September, I had fully accepted that we now live in a hot country.  The days were long and I felt full of energy.  Applying SPF 50 daily for the face and body had become as natural as showering and I had developed the most amazing tan but the nights were uncomfortably hot and clammy.  My beautiful flat gets the sun from the moment it rises until the moment it sets so during this kind of weather, it feels like a greenhouse.  If truth be told, I started to bore myself with the amount of updates I put on my WhatLauraLoves Instagram complaining about being too hot and needing to buy a fan that blew cold air but not too loudly!

Fast forward to 2019 and the weather has been unpredictable to say the least.  Glimmers of unusually warm days began far earlier in the year but then we’ve had lots of rain too haven’t we?  Now that we’re into July, I don’t want to tempt fate but I’m thinking the warm weather is here to stay for the summer and this year, I’m prepared for it.

WhatLauraLoves Chillmax Air JML review

A couple of weeks ago, Al and I noticed that the air felt a lot more humid, we were flipping our pillow to the cold side even more than we usually do, kicking the covers off in our sleep and waking up in the middle of the night to open the windows.  Since we had the thunderstorm across the UK, it has felt so much warmer and more humid but thankfully this summer, JML have come to our rescue with their Chillmax range and to say we’re both feeling the benefit is an understatement.  We’ve been testing out a couple of their summer saviour products and loving the instant results.

I should probably preface this with saying that I have used JML products since I was a young teen when they first released their Beauty Trimmer.  I used the same one on my brows for years and years before it finally needed replacing and I upgraded to the Finishing Touch Elite which I still have to this day!  Both Al & use it for brows, nose hair and well ladies… ear hair (although we’ll keep that between us and not let Alex know that I told you all that one… he’s getting older after all!).  I digress, back to letting you all know how we’ve been chilling out this summer.

JML Chillmax Air Review

If you want to keep your cool this summer,  the Chillmax Air from JML is a godsend as it cools and humidifies the air to make you and your surroundings feel so much more comfortable over the summer.  It utilises its Hydro-Chill Technology, which uses an advanced evaporative air cooling filter and enhanced cool-mist chamber, to pull in warm, dry air from your surroundings and instantly transform it into cool refreshing air to keep your feeling cool, calm and collected whether you’re doing your hair and makeup at your beauty table, tapping away at your desk, sitting on the sofa on the laptop or going to sleep.

I absolutely love the warm weather and the sunshine but I’m not a fan of warm, stuffy air.  The Chillmax Air is a small, compact unit that draws in this warm, dry air and through a special filter, together with cold water, turns it into a fine mist of cool, refreshing air that is circulated by a fan.  It humidifies while it cools your personal breathing space so it enables you to keep cool and comfortable and breathe moist, cool air.

Many products like this use chemicals or toxic coolants but not the Chillmax Air; it literally only uses ordinary water so it is really safe and it lasts up to 10 hours on only one filling which is ideal for setting up and putting on before you go to bed as it’ll keep your space chilled while you wind down, sleep and get ready the next morning.

JML Chillmax Air Review WhatLauraLoves

The Chillmax Air couldn’t have been easier to set up initially and it’s so easy to do each day too, even when we’re really tired and just wanting to head to sleep.  On its maiden voyage, Alex took charge as he usually does; he is easily fascinated and cant wait to get things out of the box and put them together; very cute.  All that was required was running the filter through the cold tap and popping inside the Chillmax Air and the tray at the top filling with water.  Then it’s just a case of plugging it in and selecting a fan speed to switch it on; easy peasy.

The great thing about the reusable, antimicrobial filter is that it is dishwasher friendly and you can even pop it into the fridge first to make the air that it circulates even colder.  The filter is resistant to mould and mildew but cleaning it through the dishwasher every now and again will ensure its super clean and sterilised and therefore give you years of great performance.

JML Chillmax Air Review

The fan has 3 speed settings and a button on the top of the unit to choose which setting you have it on; 3 lights for high, 2 for medium and 1 for low, all of which I have found to be very easy to sleep through.  Alex isn’t disturbed by the sound either although if you’ve seen the sneaky stories I’ve put on Instagram in the past, you’ll know that a foghorn could go off next to him and he’d still be in the land of nod.  I am more sensitive to sound and I have had no troubles with the Chillmax Air at all; it’s definitely one of the quietest fans I’ve slept next to.  Naturally, the lowest setting is the quietest and more of a whisper like sound.  The highest setting is more akin to the whisper uttered by many when they return after a night out but still a very comfortable sound to be able to drift off to sleep to and a welcome bit of white noise in the background.  We live right next to a main road which can be noisy and at any time of the day and the Chillmax Air is certainly a lot quieter than that, plus it is so efficient that we can close the windows and just have the fan on while we sleep, work or cook.

JML Chillmax Air whatlauraloves

The fan is pretty powerful too.  We’ve tried it on all of the settings and varying distances as our master bedroom is pretty spacious and have found that both of us can still feel the benefit of it when sleeping in our superking bed, even when it is on my dressing table rather than bedside table.  It goes without saying that as the fan speed increases, the air feels colder.  Most nights, we’ve had it on the lowest or mid setting but literally as I’m sat typing this, I have it on the highest setting because the sun is BEAMING down at me through the window of my office!

Another nice touch is that it has a soft-glow blue LED night light built into it with two brightness levels, again adjustable with the touch of a button.  It makes the Chillmax Air feel really calming and relaxing at nighttime and I think the nightlight feature is something that my partners son would really appreciate should we use it in his bedroom one night when he is staying over.

Makeup Application Chillmax Air

An all round hit for all of the family, I’m certain, and definitely something that I would say is a must have for the home and office.  Al and I will most definitely get our use out of the Chillmax Air this summer and many more to come hopefully.  It’s such a realistic and affordable price point for a product of its kind, especially one that works so effectively.

However I have had another Chillmax product up my sleeve, or should that be pillowcase?, that has revolutionised how I sleep… the Chillmax Pillow.

Now, for the all important question;

When was the last time you flipped your pillow onto the cold side?

JML Chillmax Pillow Review on WhatLauraLoves

If you’re anything like me then its every night… several times a night!  In fact, if there was a pillow flipping contest in the Olympics then I’d be sure to bring home gold every single time.

Having my head on the cold side of the pillow is absolutely essential to me as I can’t get a good nights sleep when I’m all hot and bothered.  JML have brought out the Chillmax Pillow for fellow flippers like myself and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t heard of someone doing something like this sooner.  It is a GENIUS idea.

Cooling Pillow From JML

The JML Chillmax Pillow is a naturally cooling gel pillow that you can use as a pillow mat or cushion to keep you feeling cool and relaxed on hot days or nights.  It couldn’t be easier to use as no water or filling up is required.  Simply insert it into your pillowcase or place it on top of your pillow before you go to bed and for those really hot, sticky nights, pop into the fridge for a few hours before you go to sleep for added cooling.

The Chillmax™ Gel within the pillow transfers heat away from your body which leaves you feeling less hot and with more of a soothing, cooling sensation.  It is really comfortable to use on top or inside the pillowcase and hasn’t once irritated or annoyed me.  It really does work incredibly well; it goes without saying that Alex is extremely envious of my chilled pillow as his head gets so hot at night so we’ll be buying one for him to use too.

JML Chillmax Pillow Under Laptop

I love that it doesn’t just have to be used inside my pillow as, for example, when I’m sat with my laptop on my knee, I can use it underneath the laptop to keep my legs cool, especially if I’m using the laptop of a long period of time.  The size of the pillow is travel friendly as well so I think it’ll be fantastic to take on holiday with me when I go on my next trip.  Sometimes if I’ve booked a really budget trip, the air con in the room isn’t as good as it would usually be so this pillow would be ideal and it’ll not take up a lot of room in my suitcase at all either.

Something else that I have found it particularly useful for as well is as a mat for putting my feet on.  As daft as it sounds, the undersides of my feet can often become really hot so resting my feet on the mat does help to cool them down and the rest of my body as a results, especially if it has been in the fridge first.

JML Chillmax Range

The JML Chillmax range is an affordable, fast way to get a cooler, more comfortable sleep on a warm summers night.  We’ve used both the fan and the pillow every night since we got them and they’ve made a big difference to how peacefully we sleep when the air is so hot.  I struggle at night when I’m too warm, especially as I still have to sleep with the blankets over me for comfort but this can be so awful when its too warm in our room.  We both end up tossing and turning and waking ourselves up through the night whereas now that we’re much cooler, we’ll sleep through and feel much more refreshed when we wake up the next morning.  Both Al and I are far happier, less grumpy and more relaxed with lots of energy when we’ve had a peaceful nights sleep that’s for sure!

JML Chillmax Pillow Reviews

I’d really recommend both of these products to you this summer but grab them while you can as I’m sure they’ll sell out; I couldn’t find a fan like this for love nor money last year!

Plus you can get FREE Next Day Delivery on your purchase of the JML Chillmax Air and the Chillmax Pillow using the discount code LAURAFFD1 for 48 hours on 12th to 14th July 2019.

To claim your discount, all you need to do is to add the item(s) to your basket, go to the check-out and enter the promotional code LAURAFFD1.  The next day delivery option won’t appear straight away; instead the standard delivery charge will keep showing but don’t worry, this is normal!  When you go through the check out process as usual, you’ll then be able to select the next day delivery option and it will be free!

Which JML Chillmax product do you think would benefit you the most?


  1. Lisa
    July 7, 2019 / 10:21 am

    These are 2 products I need in my life lol! I’m always tossing and turning throughout the night, and just can’t get a good night’s sleep when it’s too hot. I’ll look into the pillow cooler for sure.

  2. July 7, 2019 / 4:41 pm

    I have a friend that doesdn’t like it when her pillow is warm, the Chillmax gel sounds like it would be right up her alley.

  3. sriches
    July 7, 2019 / 6:38 pm

    I nam loving the sound of the ChillMax Air – good to know it isn’t too loud either, that is what always puts me off fans! Can’t believe you were complaining about the weather last year, it was absolutely glorious! Was hoping for a repeat performance this year, but it doesn’t look likely 🙁
    Good to know there are items out there to help keep us cool when we do endure a heatwave though! Gorgeous flat too! Sim x

  4. July 7, 2019 / 10:54 pm

    I saw an advert for the ChillMax Air the other day and I have been really suffering in this strange heat we have been having haha! So I was wondering if it really worked – I think I may just have to pull out my purse and get buying now and see if it can help keep me a bit cooler as well.

  5. rhianwestbury
    July 8, 2019 / 8:15 am

    We get so warm and sleep with a fan on all year round so this sounds like a great alternative x

  6. July 8, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    I’m forever turning my pillow over in the night in search of the cold side – I will have to check out this pillow as I struggle to sleep when it warm

  7. Rebecca Smith
    July 8, 2019 / 4:08 pm

    I flipped my pillow onto the cold side just this morning! These seem like fantastic products.

  8. July 9, 2019 / 6:17 pm

    These are great products, I like the idea of putting the chilling air on before bed to cool my room ready, very nice! Mich x

  9. July 10, 2019 / 8:24 am

    I really struggle to sleep when it’s warm, and am forever turning the pillow over to get the cool side – the chillmax pillow sounds like something I’ll need to invest in! x

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