How To Support A Charity Without Making A Donation

If you want to support a good cause, but don’t have the spare money to make a donation, there are still ways that you can help. You can make a difference without money. 

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Supporting charity can make you feel happier, and make a difference to your community, whether you donate art supplies to your local school or raise awareness for the National Brain Appeal.  

Give Blood

Most people can give blood. Women can give every three months and men every four. Use the internet to find your nearest donation centre and book an appointment. The whole process usually takes less than fifteen minutes, so can be done whenever you have a spare hour. 

You can also donate platelets if you want to do so. Platelets are needed by patients who are having chemotherapy or organ transplants. However, this does take around an hour and a half, but you can donate up to 15 times a year. 

Become An Organ Donor

You can register to donate your organs after you die. You will need to carry an organ donor card in your wallet and make sure that your family are aware of your wishes. There are many people who have life-threatening illnesses who would benefit from your organs when you don’t need them anymore. 

Help A Neighbour

Do you have an elderly neighbour who lives alone and might need some help around the house? Offering to pick up shopping, mow the lawn, or just spend some time chatting with them over the garden fence can make a big difference. Get to know them, and if you’re out doing errands for yourself, ask if there’s anything they need, so you can help without embarrassing them. 

Take Unwanted Goods To A Charity Shop

A lot of people forget that one of the easiest and simplest ways of giving to charity without having to spend any money is to donate your possessions. Next time you’re having a clear-out, donate the things you don’t want to keep to your local charity shop. Your things can earn money for a charity. You can donate anything from clothes and books to larger items like furniture. 

Some charity shops also have forms for Gift Aid. If you’re a UK taxpayer, fill out the form and the charity can claim an extra 25p on every £1 that your donated items raise.


There are lots of charities out there that need your time, not just your money. You might be able to offer some specific skills that you have, such as DIY or social media marketing, or you could offer your time to the charity, or work in a charity shop. A quick search online should help you find a wide range of options. To get you started, think about how much time you have to offer, and how you could be the most useful. From there, refine your search to charities that might suit you. 

There are lots of ways to help, even if you can’t spare the money to donate.

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