How To Transform Your Hallway From Bland To Grand

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When planning to upgrade your property, the hallway probably won’t jump out as a priority. But it should.

After all, this is the first place you see when you step through the front door. Likewise, it serves as the interlude when moving from one room to another. As such, its impact on your general mood can be huge. Naturally, then, you’ll want to create a hallway that sets a positive atmosphere. Here’s how to make it happen in style.


The hallways are likely to be the narrowest part of the property, even if it incorporates a staircase upstairs. As such, choosing a lighter colour scheme can be a particularly smart starting point as this will reflect the light to make the space look brighter. Choosing a front door that has a glass panel can encourage natural light too. A lighter choice of carpet or flooring, combined with suitable lighting choices will enhance the situation too. It is the strongest platform by far.


Whether you have kids or not, the hallways can be dangerous. There’s always a chance that moisture from shoes will cause slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, running down the stairs can cause hazards too. Embracing a general approach to avoiding accidents is vital while thinking about the issues caused by the small widths can help too. Sadly, outside dangers cannot be ignored either. Ensure that the front door is protected with an effective security system. It’ll put your mind at ease. 


Home is where the heart is, and the hallway has the power to put you in a good mood as soon as you return. Character-defining touches can make all the difference. Cuckoo clocks are made in the Black Forest and can become a central feature of the hallway. Additional features including a few family photos or some printed designs can work wonders. Similarly, houseplants can bring a calming influence that truly make the house a home. This is exactly what you deserve.


Given that space is already limited in this part of the home, you must utilise the available room in the best way possible. It is possible to find hidden storage in the staircase. Alternatively, cupboards under the stairs are useful too. Overcrowding the area by the front door or the entrances to living spaces is never wise. If you are really struggling, building a porch could provide a solution to your problems. In most cases, though, a greater sense of organisation is all that’s required.


Every homeowner enjoys the feeling of luxury and elegant style. It only takes one additional feature to bring your hallway to life, providing the grand design. Internal wrought iron rails for the staircase can be a wise move. This is especially true when the home’s exterior boasts these features. There are plenty of alternative solutions depending on your tastes, budget, and spatial available. Either way, the addition of a luxury touch will significantly enhance the home environment. 

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