How to Update Living Hall Decor with Water Wall Art

Water is a unique yet popular addition to the home décor. In addition, it offers symbolic value as water is an excellent cleanser. So, it helps to purify and heal. In addition, the water element makes you calm and fresh the same way you feel outdoors. Therefore, water wall art is a fantastic way to create harmony. Moreover, as per Feng Shui, you can use water to restore balance in specific areas in your home.

So, make a splash with water wall décor elements representing the deep blue, the flowing water, or the beach. The following are some exciting ways to decorate home with water wall art:

Ocean Water Wallpaper

You can add life to living room space by pasting beautiful ocean water wallpaper on the walls. This wallpaper collection completely captures the beauty of nature. In addition, it will add sophistication and glamor to your living hall. It will make walls speak for themselves and stand out wonderfully. So, make your wall special and elevate the interiors.

Coastal Water Art Gallery


Curate a gallery wall by capturing wonderful water, beach, and ocean elements. So, display multiple art pieces with different frames and styles. For example, you can add ocean prints with boats and beaches with chairs in sand and birds in the sky. The nicest thing about the coastal artworks is that you can select whatever waterworks you like for styling.

Install Shelves

The sound of running water is very relaxing, and everyone loves this calming experience. So, you may also need it in your home, especially in the living hall, to listen to soothing natural water sounds. So, place a small indoor water fountain on the living room shelf. Moreover, indoor water fountains are great décor items for your interiors. You can look for stylish water fountains like a toadstool three-tier fountain or a water figurine laughing buddha fountain.

Design an Indoor Feature Water Wall

A Wall fountain is the popular way to use water features in the living hall. They are a common feature because they do not occupy living room floor space. In addition, they add a soothing bubbling sound and eye-catching visuals. They often work well in rooms with natural and rich textures such as green walls and deep woods. They make your space look luxurious and stylish.

In-built Aquarium

The most classic water feature for living room space is zen style. You can use the zen style to develop a relaxing and soothing feeling. You can do it by installing an inbuilt wall aquarium in the living hall. You can incorporate it in space beneath the stairs or wall above the fireplace. The colorful fish in the aquarium spreads calming energy in the room.

Place Water Features Near Living Hall Windows

A water feature in the living room does not mean you have to add something extraordinary. Instead, you can display various small water fixtures near living room windows with hooks. It is an intelligent way to make your room look stylish, especially when space limitations are there.

Putting small water features with different hooks means you have extra floor space. In addition, natural light coming from windows will highlight the beauty of water features there.

Octopus Wall Mural


If you can go bold, use a stand-out piece like an octopus in a water mural. It features an amazing color palette of whites, blue, or oranges. It is a perfect addition to the living room as it brightens up the space with its various lovely and eye-catching colors.

To Sum Up

ALa These are simple ways to update a living room décor using water wall art. The best thing about water art is that it has calming colors and sounds that make you relaxed. To create real impact, try to make free-hand murals. They are an excellent way to create a statement in space. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot as they are pretty affordable.

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