How To Update Your Kid’s Bedroom As They Get Older

Kids change as they get older. The biggest benefit to their constant ageing is that you are always being brought closer together with their burgeoning maturity. The downside is that you need to financially keep up with their ageing.

One of the ways you need to keep up with a growing child is by updating their bedroom. A bedroom is their personal space, but they don’t need it to be too private early on. So, how do you go about making these updates? Let’s find out.

Get Blackout Blinds

When you first bring your child home, your nights will be filled with trips in and out of their bedroom. As such, it is beneficial to keep the room light enough to see. Babies will sleep through a lot, which means that blackout blinds aren’t really necessary during their first year. However, this can rapidly change once they hit their first birthday.

Anyone can benefit from a darkened room when trying to sleep, no matter their age. Therefore, the first update to your child’s bedroom should come in the form of a blackout blind. These are easy to fit, and they will help your toddler get to sleep much faster with fewer disturbances. When your toddler sleeps well, so do you. 

Cabin Beds

Once your child reaches school age, they will need a lot more space to run around. Let’s also not forget how much energy kids have when they are this young. As such, you may benefit from introducing them to a cabin bed. 

There are a wide variety of children’s beds out there, but none function quite the same as a cabin bed. These multi-purpose beds can double up as a desk for their schoolwork, and they often include a storage space underneath. This compact bed provides your child with plenty of extra space to play with their friends or engage in any other hobbies they have picked up over the years. What’s more, the additional space underneath can even include another bed, perfect for when your child wants to have a sleepover.

Add Wall Hooks

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is getting your child to tidy up after themselves. The extra floor space they now have can get muddled very quickly, something that is going to result in an accident at some point down the line. That is why it is best to include a few wall hooks in your child’s room so they can quickly hang up any clothes, towels, or dressing gowns they need to get rid of.  A really great option for this is getting Soulful Iron’s stunning hand-forged hooks to give your kid’s bedroom a bit of an edgy look.  It is better than leaving them strewn across the floor at any rate.

Ask Their Opinion

When your child is at Primary school, you are very much responsible for most of their decisions. As your child gets older, though, they will begin to discover their passions in life. Therefore, you may want to use their transition to secondary school to undergo their main bedroom makeover.

This makeover isn’t your task to burden alone, however. Children feel validated when they are allowed to be themselves, so make sure you ask their opinion on some of the details. They will want to pick the colour of their room, the bedding, and some of the storage options. Furthermore, it may also be time to invest in a bigger bed.

Say No To Screens

One of the main requests your child will have when they are redesigning their room is to have a T.V or games console in the bedroom. While it is OK to relinquish this rule later on, now is not the time to let your kid have a screen in their room.

A child’s mind is going through the most development than it ever will during this time, which is why a good night’s sleep is so important. Watching T.V too soon before bed can disrupt your R.E.M sleep, which is responsible for replenishing our energy. If your child does not get enough sleep, they will start to flag during school and become irritable. If they have a T.V in their room, there is no telling how long they will spend watching T.V. It’s best not to include this object at all until they become more responsible.


As your child reaches their teenage years, it is normal for their bedroom to become a bit of a disaster area. This is their space, after all. Therefore, if they want it to become a mess, then chances are their bedroom is going to become a mess.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect them to tidy all the time. A young teen has a lot going on in their life and keeping their room tidy is not one of their priorities. That is why it is important to teach them the difference between being organised and being tidy. It is OK to leave a few clothes lying on the floor if they know where their schoolbag is. Learn what battles are important to fight and your teen’s lazy behaviour shouldn’t become a point of contention.

Give Up The Space

School doesn’t last forever, but that does not mean that your child is ready to move out the second they graduate. They will need some time to get their stuff together and become financially responsible before they leave home for good. This is when it is time to give up the room for good. 

Every decision that is relevant to your child’s bedroom is now in their hands. They can redecorate or put in new furniture, just so long as they are willing to pay for it. You can use this time to teach them some financial responsibility while also providing them with a taste of what it is like to live in the real world. Once your child leaves the nest, you can do whatever you want. For now, though, you will have to let your kid do what they feel is best.


As you can see, there aren’t many choices you need to make when your child gets older. Follow these specific milestone changes and you can update your kid’s room successfully without breaking the bank.

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