How to Write a Good College Application Essay

Do you have a college application to submit? Need to write a compelling essay for it? Don’t have a clue how to do so? Well, do not fret! We’ve put together some best tips for you to craft a perfect piece and land in your favorite college. 

Ensure you comprehend the instructions

You may be too stressed or excited to start the essay and finish it. This stress or excitement can lead you to miss certain instructions. Therefore, always remember to read the application instructions and the essay prompt carefully before you start writing. If you won’t, the admission officer will assume that you cannot follow the directions. Also, remember that the word count and page limit are mentioned for a reason. You must write your piece within that limit. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you just write gibberish to complete the word count. Each sentence of your piece must make sense and be connected to the other sentence. 

To ensure you write as per the rules:

● Read the instructions thrice. 

● Do some reading and researching on the topic and take notes meanwhile. 

● Outline the essay and decide your thesis statement (what message you want to convey).

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Make a compelling start 

Starting an essay can be extremely challenging for many students. You can skip this part and leave it for the end. Sometimes, when we think hard to write something, it gets harder to develop something compelling. And, we may end up wasting a lot of time. Hence, you may write your thesis statement in the intro that you decided on while creating an outline. The thesis statement will help you write a logical and cohesive piece. Once you are done writing the draft, you will be better positioned to write or rewrite your introductory sentence. Remember to avoid clichés and make the introduction interesting and engaging.  To make your intro intriguing, you can:

● Use a brief anecdote;

● An interesting fact;

● A controversy;

And, remember to use your inner voice. The more your writing depicts your personality and emotions, the more compelling it becomes. 

Remember, the admission officer receives hundreds of applications each year. Your writing must have the power to attract the reader from the beginning. The reader must feel curious to read further and know what you have to tell next. They must feel engrossed and engaged. And this feeling must come right from the start.

Use authentic evidence to support your ideas

The admission officer tries to see how your mind works through your essay. Also, your piece must sound credible. So, make sure you support your ideas with good examples. Also, ensure your writing piece links with your personality. 

It is easy to lose track of your thoughts, but the outline will help you stay on track. And, while doing so, ensure you simply don’t write an idea or fact. You need to give real-life examples or other evidence to support your ideas and make them sound credible. Thereby, do some reading before you start to write and think about what examples you can provide. 

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Make sure you have a plan in mind

Your writing is expected to be creative, but this is not all. Your creativity won’t take you anywhere if your piece is not organized. Your creative ideas will lose their charm. So, make sure you know the structure you need to follow. After all, you don’t want to write interesting sentences that fail to connect. It will kill the purpose of your essay.

So, make sure each paragraph has a purpose and exclusive idea. And all the paragraphs of your essay are well-connected. You may discuss different ideas and experiences in different paragraphs, but the subject must remain the same. The entire essay must have a single message that is mentioned in conclusion. 

You don’t have to write each detail of an experience. Give highlights and use vivid vocabulary and strong verbs to help the reader feel your emotions. Your writing must be crisp yet detailed enough for the reader to understand where you’re coming from. 

Ensure your work is proofread before you submit

After you’re done writing, read the entire piece carefully to eliminate all the writing errors. You can also choose any best essay writing service Canada to proofread your essay. Their expert editors will make sure your piece is as perfect as it needs to be. 

What are you waiting for now that you’re well aware of all the key things to writing a perfect college essay? Read the instructions carefully, and start writing with the tips mentioned above in your mind. And you will be able to produce a compelling piece in no time.

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