Huge Love for Weleda Minis

With my hen week abroad coming up very soon, I’ve been testing out lots of travel sized products in anticipation of the weeks antics.  I often go away for the weekend or the odd night in a hotel here and there whether it be for work or on a city break with Mr WLL, so I like to have a stash of travel friendly, light weight products that I can put together at a moments notice.

Weleda have created a full range of miniature essentials so that whenever you travel, you can always take your favourite premium beauty products away with you without compromising on the weight of your luggage.  Simply pop into a clear bag suitable for airport security and you’re good to go!

I’ve got some of my absolute favourites to show you and what is so great about them is that they are perfect for popping into your hand luggage as they’re all under 100ml, so if you’re just taking a carry on bag with you or you need to do an airport stay mid journey, you’ll be able to take these onto the aircraft with you- sorted!

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, £1.95 for 20ml

The first product I’d take with me would be the best selling Creamy Body Wash in the Wild Rose scent.  This is one of my favourite products from Weleda as it is so moisturising and softening on the skin whilst cleaning it thoroughly and leaving it smelling faintly of roses.  I took loads of these minis away with me in different scents when I went on holiday last year and I got so much use out of them.  The best thing was being able to throw the empty tubes away throughout my holiday.  There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a two week trip and having to pack a half empty bottle of shower gel to take home, or worse still, waste money by throwing it away.  When I travel, I like to take just enough product to last me and then save carrying the bulky containers home with me.

Weleda Skin Food, £2.25 for 10ml

This is a bit of a cult product, so I’ve heard, with even Adele being a fan.  It is a multi use moisturising cream containing plant extracts, designed to be used on dry and rough skin to soothe, nourish and hydrate it.  Whilst it can be used all over the body, I use it specifically on the patches of psoriasis on my wrist, elbows and on any dry or cracked skin on my feet and hands.  I love the scent this product gives off as I use it on my skin as it is very herbal smelling and makes me feel like I’m having a spa treatment!  It works really deeply into my skin and provides some much needed relief, particularly when my skin is cracked, flaky and sore.  Skin Food contains organic sunflower seed oil, extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and rosemary which really help to perk up the skin and it is fragranced with essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, £2.95 for 10ml

When I’m not wearing false tan, I love using body oils to moisturise my skin whether being directly applied to my skin or in the bath.  When I’m travelling, often the first night of sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can be a little strange and I find that the Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil comes in really handy during these moments as when I apply it to my skin, the scent instantly relaxes me and helps to aid a good nights sleep.  It contains pure plant oils, is rich in essential fatty acids and anti oxidising vitamins which all help to support the body’s natural hydration and the skins regeneration process, increasing its elasticity, making it smooth and supple.  This body oil leaves a healthy sheen on my skin and makes it look as well as feel great.

Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream, £2.45 for 10ml

This face cream is a great option for babies and adults alike.  I think that it is most suited to those with dry skin as it is a very thick cream and sits on the skin while it sinks in, deeply moisturising the skin and leaving it very soft.   A little bit of this cream goes a long way so the 10ml tube should last a while and I think it’d be perfect for trips away where you’ll be out in the elements, like on walking holidays, camping and skiing.  There’s a full review of this face cream in this post here.

Weleda Citrus Deodorant, for 30ml

The Citrus Deodorant is ridiculously refreshing.  I like to use it on a morning to wake me up and on an evening when I’m in hot countries to deter mosquitoes.  It keeps me feeling fresh and smells zingy!  Weleda deodorants break from the norm as they are free from aluminium salts and they aren’t aerosols which makes them a great option for taking on plane journeys.  It comes in a pump action bottle and the liquid spray dries really quickly onto the skin, making it comfortable to use.

There’s so many different fragrances available from Weleda from pomegranate to sage and from sea buckthorn to citrus and the majority are available in the different products like deodorant and creamy body washes.  Whilst available separately, some of the products are available in gift sets like the Mini Body Wash Pack that I reviewed here, so whether you’re going away for a weekend break or a last minute week in the sun, you’ll always be able to find a mini to suit you.

All of the miniature products I’ve written about here can be found on the Weleda website.

What is your favourite brand of miniatures?

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  1. Lolly Laura
    June 18, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    I love this post I am going away in August and this has definitely helped me 🙂 Love your blog hun xx

  2. Joy
    June 18, 2013 / 2:13 pm

    I love Weleda and use it a lot — these minis are great!I also want to say how much I love your Simply Be dress. Fabulous!

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