Humid and Hazardous: Hair Care for Humidity

If you live in a humid climate you know how annoying humidity can be. It’s sticky, uncomfortable, and ruins any chance of a good hair day. Curly hair is especially susceptible to the havocof a humid day. 

However, terrifying as the thought of humidity might be, you can’t escape it forever. So, put down the … and check out these awesome hair care tips for humidity! 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

The combination of dehydrated hair and humidity equals frizzy locks. When your hair is devoid of moisture, it seeks it out in the environment around you. In humid environments, dry hair leeches the moisture out of the air and proceeds to frizz up uncontrollably in the process. 

Combating dehydration is relatively simple: make sure to pay attention to your hair and use a conditioner at least three times a week. Apart from conditioning your hair, use hair masks and leave-in conditioning products for deep hydration.

Avoid the Blow Dry

If your hair is already lacking moisture, the last thing you’ll want to do is dry it out even further. When you blast your already dehydrated hair with hot air, you’re instantly making the problem worse. If the weather is humid, put away your hair-dryer and allow your hair to retain its natural moisture. The best way to keep moisture in your hair is, quite literally, to leave it alone.

Leave your hair to dry naturally and lock in as much moisture as possible. Along with the hair-dryer, lock away any hair straighteners, curlers, or styling instruments. As long as you’re in humid weather, they’re not useful. Spending hours trying to meticulously style your hair this way will only result in dehydrated, lifeless, and frizzy hair. 

Use Cold Water 

You’ve put away your beloved hair-dryer and started to condition your hair three times a week, and now there’s another measure you’ll have to take to lock in your hair’s moisture and keep it smooth and glossy through humid days. This tip may surprise you, washing your hair in cold water is very effective. 

If your teeth are already chattering, then we sympathize. However, beauty is pain, and for the health of your luscious locks, you’ll need to endure some cold showers. The cold water helps seal the pores in your scalp and it won’t dry out your hairthe way hot water does. Cold water is the ultimate solution to lock in moisture. 

Put Your Hair Up

The best part of having long hair is leaving it to flow around you. It is the most eye-catching accessory you have at your disposal. However, when the weather turns humid, it’s time to style your hair into an up do. 

The best way to save your hair from the humid weather is to quite literally tie it up. If you see it frizz up, lose its moisture, and be uncontrollable in general, quickly tie it up into a ponytail or a messy bun. This will help to stop the frizz increasing, and if nothing else, keep it somewhat under control!

Use a Serum 

Serums are a great way to restore moisture and shine to your hair in regular weather. There are different kinds of serums you can try based on your hair type and requirements. Be sure to check the hair type the product is recommended for: for example, if you have wavy or curly hair you should always choose curly hair products

Using a serum can greatly help increase the moisture content in your hair. Use the serum on damp hair (after you’ve washed it in cold water, of course) in the areas that are the driest. You don’t have to use too much: get the label for the recommended amount. Redirecting the use of the serum to increase the moisture content and avoid frizz is your goal. If you use excessive amounts of serum, this could actually cause more problems for your hair on top of humidity-related issues. 

Oil your Hair Regularly

If you’ve spent some time in humid weather, then you know exactly how dull and lifeless your hair can become. Apart from the frizz, stickiness, and dry strands, your hair may lose its shine and volume. In such conditions, regular oiling can help your hair immensely. 

Oiling your hair with a carrier or essential oil not only provides moisture to the roots but also makes dull hair shinier and healthier. It is the quickest and most natural method of restoring your hair to its former glory. As a bonus, oil acts as a natural deep conditioner.

Humidity doesn’t have to end in bad hair days. While it isn’t the ideal weather to function in, there are ways to combat the deadly stickiness and maintain your hair. A few simple steps can transform the way you engage with your hair in humid weather, and who knows, maybe the humid weather won’t be too bad?

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