Ideas For Luxurious Stocking Fillers & Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifting

Stocking fillers are one of the best parts of gifting on Christmas day.  Whether it’s individually wrapped cosmetics or pieces of jewellery, there’s plenty you can do for themed presents.  Adding a touch of luxury to your Christmas stockings is a unique way of surprising a loved one or someone in your family.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be expensive, but it can be as glamorous or as fabulous as you like.  Here are some suggestions for main gifts or high end smaller presents.


This is perhaps one of the most luxurious ways to treat a loved one, but it could be the perfect way of surprising them on Christmas day. You don’t have to go browsing around the designer-end of the high-street to go find these however.  You will find Gucci earrings and other jewellery on plenty of online retailers websites – sparing you that extra trip into a bustling and overcrowded city centre.


Miniature portable speakers are the perfect luxurious present for someone who loves their music, or spends their hard on money on their monthly Spotify subscription. You can opt for a traditional rectangular speaker, or go for a much more fun and playfully-shaped variety, which you will find in plenty of online tech stores.


While a larger bottle of Chanel No.5 might not fit into a smaller stocking, opting for smaller bottles of perfume adds a special treat to anyone’s Christmas stocking. You can even find much more affordable options of expensive perfumes by browsing through the smaller bottle sizes.


A lip-kit might just be the best way to treat a makeup-lover in your family. Seeing as you’re opting for smaller sizes to fit into a stocking, you can perhaps afford to stretch your budget and reach for a more premium brand of makeup. Makeup brands such as Charlotte Tilbury are much-coveted by makeup enthusiasts however brands such as NYX and Revlon have amazing makeup at a more affordable price too.


You can get an impressive range of fun and quirky smartphone gadgets, ranging from practical to designed for just pure enjoyment. One of the most creative uses of a smartphone is a little portable projector. If you have a teenager who is constantly sharing media on their phone this could be a great little gadget for sleepovers or for when they have friends over – just be careful that it doesn’t make its way into their classroom.


Body oil and lotion that’s flooded with golden and reflective particles is perhaps one of the most indulgent products you can buy yourself: which is perhaps why many people put off investing in one for their dresser. Buying someone a shimmer lotion from NUXE or NARS will add a touch of glamour and not to mention a gorgeous scent.

Adding luxury to stocking fillers is one of the best ways to add flare to your Christmas present purchases. If you don’t want to buy a really pricey, larger present, then injecting a bit of glamour into their stocking-fillers will be a snazzy extra little surprise.  Remember Christmas is about who is around the tree, not what is under it so don’t spend more than you want to or can comfortably afford.

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