Laura Loves Clear Skin: A Review of Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Pads

If you were to ask me ‘what does laura loves?’ then I would tell you that I certainly LOVES these pads.

You know that feeling when you start using a product and it really really works but you just dont know how, or why?  Well this is one of those products.  Believe it or not, this is the first product I’ve bought from Clearasil as my skincare brand of choice is Decleor.  The brand kinda takes me back to being in school when everyone was buying Clearasil or Oxy and alike, whether they were acne prone or just a bit spotty.  Even then though, I didnt rush out and buy the lotions and potions that were on the market like a lot of my friends did- so why im buying them at 22, i do not know!  Perhaps it was because my skin was never that bad, i got a couple of pimples here and there but it wasnt spotty or blackhead ridden.

Over the years my skin hasnt really changed much.  I have an oily T Zone and then the rest of my skin is normal, with a few dry patches here and there and thats the way it had always been.  I still get a couple of spots, nothing major but i do get blackheads on and around my nose probably with it being quite oily and because I do wear make up most days so my pores can get clogged.  With regards to skin care, I do try to take it off every evening before bed and follow a good skincare routine along with the odd facial but in the same breath, im not going to have a panic attack if one night im too shattered to get the make up remover out and take every bit off my face.  I think I go through phases for months at a time, for a while ill be really into my skin care and follow a really strict routine twice a day (usually in the winter when im home early most nights) but then at other times ill follow a less strict, quick routine.  Is anyone else like this?  All things considered, I think my skin is quite resiliant and in fairly good condition.

One thing ive never been able to get rid of is the blackheads and open pores that I have on my face which can lead to little pimples.  Dont get me wrong, they’re not huge or disgusting looking and they are never really big enough to warrent over the top squeezing arent but they are noticeable to me.  I do exfoliate but I find that it makes my skin smoother, rather than removing blackheads.  So that brings me onto these fantastic Clearasil pads…

I was browsing the shelves of Home Bargains over the summer, looking for something new to try, when I saw these Blackhead Clearing Pads by Clearasil and thought I would give them a go.  They were only 99p so i didnt think i had anything to lose really.  Actually, I wonder if these have been discontinued from the normal line of Clearasil products as when I had a look on their website I couldnt find them but you can definitely still get them in shops like Home Bargains, B&M, etc…. you know the cheapy shops (cheap is chic though, im not “dissing” them haha).

These are basically a pot of pads that are designed to clear your skin of blackheads and spots and prevent any new ones from forming on your face.  Packaging wise, the pot is pretty, simple and not too fussy which is great.  The label tells you everything you need to know about the pads in clear and consise words.

They pads come in a pot of 60, they are thin, light and smell fresh and clean (i should bloody hope so really but some products can smell vile and its a wonder people consider putting them on their face!).  The pads contain natural sea salt and have one exfoliating side that has micro crystals which are supposed to remove the dirt, oil, dead skin and bacteria from the face which are the things that cause blackheads and spots and then the other side of the pad is smooth and designed to purify the skin and gentley tighten the pores to stop new blackheads and spots from appearing.

I have been using these twice a day, once on a morning and once on an evening after I have taken my make up off and I have just followed the directions on the back of the pot.  All you do is wipe the exfoliating side across your whole face then turn it over and do the same with the other side.  Then you leave your face to dry afterwards, it will only be a bit damp, which is something I love about these wipes as I hate products that foam up and create a soapy residue that needs to be washed off over sink.  The use of these pads left my skin feeling clean with no soapy residue which is ideal.

I have been using these pads since the summer and I am now onto my third pot which is something I thought id never say as my repurchases of products are few and far between- i quite like to try new things.  I dont know how these work because they are so, so gentle on the skin, they dont sting or irritate my skin at all but they definitely do work.  Within a few days I started to notice a visible difference in my skin, it was bright and glowing and my blackheads were significantly reduce.  I will be using these pads for a long time to come, in fact, until my skin changes, I wont be changing my use of these pads as i stopped using them for about a week in October because I ran out and didnt have time to go to get some more and i noticed my skin wasnt as glowing as it is when I use these pads.

Have you tried using these blackhead clearing pads?

What is your skin like and what are the wonder products that work for you?


  1. Nic @ The War Paint Guru
    November 10, 2010 / 11:53 am

    I have tried ones very similar from Clearasil but they come in a blue tub. Also got them in Home Bargains for about £1 something. I think they work really well and get all the crap out of your skin! I've seen the blue one sbeing sold in Morrisons for £3.60 something! Great review! xxxx

  2. Sarah♥
    November 10, 2010 / 3:04 pm

    these look so good, gonna have to get some:)

  3. Laura
    November 16, 2010 / 9:24 pm

    Oh really, think I might try them then Nic if I cant get a hold of these ones in the future. xxU should soo try them Sarah, they're fab, honestly! xxx

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