Inflight Hydration Essentials

Today I thought I’d share with you a few products that I think are absolute essentials to take with you when you’re going on a flight, whether it be a long or short haul journey.


When going on an aeroplane, it’s all about hydration, hydration, hydration.  Keeping your skin moisturised is absolutely key when you’re sitting on a flight being battered with the air conditioning which makes the skin so dry.  To combat this, I’d recommend a concentrating on four areas; the face, eyes, lips and hands.


For the face, there is one cream that I would absolutely suggest taking with you and that’s Steamcream.  I love multi use products and this unique cream can be used all over the face, hands and body so it is perfect for when you’re travelling.  You might remember me creating my own body scrub in this post as I used Steamcream as the base for it so it is not just multi use in the sense that it can be used on multiple areas of the body but it can also be used for different purposes.

Steamcream is handmade in the UK and in Japan using traceable, vegan approved ingredients that are fused together with a shot of steam creating a light weight and quick to use product.  For a cream this feels very light and quite slippy.  It isn’t one of those creams that is hard to work into the skin and a little goes a long way.  This cream is fast to absorb and it feels really moisturising on the skin.  I wouldn’t say that it is great for applying make up after use as it does leave a sheen on the skin but it is great for hydrating the skin whilst travelling or for use over night as it keeps the skin continually soft and moisturised and will therefore help to keep the skin hydrated throughout the whole flight.  I think this is a great product to take with you when travelling to use on your face while on the plane and then for on your body whilst away as well as using it as a night cream.

Steamcream comes in 75g eco friendly tins that are often limited edition and designed exclusively by Steamcream.  You can pick up a tin for £12.95 from the Steamcream website or from Selfridges.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream*

Whilst Steamcream is perfectly safe to be applied around the eyes, I’d take it one step further and use a cream that is specifically targeted for use around the eye.  This is because it will be extra gentle on the thin skin around the eye area.  My choice is the Wonder Eye Cream from Balance Me which is of 99% natural origin.  It is a three in one cream that aims to revitalise weary looking eyes, smooth away the appearance of dark shadows and fine lines and brighten the eye area.

I’ve been using this for the last month now and I’ve really seen a difference with the skin around my eyes.  I apply this morning and night to the skin around my eyes using my ring fingers.  I pat the product into the skin rather than rub and find that this distributes the product evenly, enabling the cream to be absorbed quickly, without tugging at the skin.  The cream feels rich, slightly tacky when it comes into contact with the skin but not too heavy and it doesn’t leave a film or residue behind.  You can feel the cream on your eyes after application though but this isn’t in an uncomfortable way- I love the way that it makes my eyes feel, it is quite tightening and really feels like it is working.  I don’t have much by way of severe dark circles or fine lines but this does make the skin around my eyes look brighter and perfected, which is exactly what you need when you step off a long flight.

It contains a blend of natural ingredients that are chosen because of their ability to help brighten and smooth the delicate and often sensitive area around the eyes; Roman chamomile, lemon to brighten the skin, cucumber oil, witch hazel spruce knot which is an anti oxidant and virgin coconut, rosehip and carrot oils which soften and smooth the skin, are only some of the most notable ingredients which also give the cream a light, floral scent.  The most exciting ingredient for me is the hyaluronic acid that this contains as it really helps to make the eye area feel moisturised and hydrated.  It is a deep hydration that lasts all day too.  It really feels as though this is doing my skin some lasting good, rather than just an artificial hydration that goes as quickly as it is applied.  This makes it a great option for an inflight eye cream as it will really work hard to battle against the drying air conditioning.

The 10ml tube is £14 and the 15ml pump bottle is £20 from the Balance Me website.  Balance Me is now also available in selected stores and online on the Debenhams website.

At this point I think it’s important to mention that if you’re someone who wears contact lenses then I’d really recommend taking some spare pairs with you along with a mini sized solution and some eye drops as the air conditioning on flights doesn’t just dry out your skin but it can cause your eyes to feel really dry too.  My dad orders his online in advance of any trips from Optical Express to make sure that he has enough to take with him just in case as having back ups of his essential eye care products ensures that he will have a safe and comfortable flight and crystal clear vision as he disembarks.

Blistex Moisture Max Lip Balm

Another area that I find gets really dry when I’m on an aeroplane is my lips and for long haul flights, I pull out the big guns- the Blistex Moisture Max lip balm.  This is a really super moisturising lip balm that both Mr WLL and I use whenever we travel.  It contains soft little moisturising beads that have Shea Butter and Aloe Vera in them that are really hydrating and soothing and they make my lips feel so soft and smooth.  I tend to find that the air con on flights makes my lips feel dry and cracked but this really helps to combat that feeling, plus it contains SPF 15 so you can use it to protect your lips once you get to your holiday destination in the sun too.

For a purse friendly £2.49 from Boots, this is one product you can’t get on a plane without.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream*

Finally, whilst I wouldn’t crack out the body moisturiser on a long haul flight, I do think that it is important to pay careful attention to the hands whilst travelling.  This is especially important to me as I have psoriasis and if I don’t keep my hands moisturised the I really notice the different in my skin which has been known to dry out so much that it cracks or bubbles and peels.  The Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream is a great option for keeping your hands feeling soft and supple whilst travelling and it is brilliant on the cuticles too.

Being of 98.8% natural origin and free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils, this hand cream is a nourishing and natural treat for your hands.  This hand cream has won so many awards so I was really excited to try it and I can report back that I absolutely love it, even its floral scent.  The biggest reason, and perhaps the most important reason, as to why I love this hand cream is because of its moisturising qualities.  I apply this to my hands and elbows and it instantly makes them feel softer and more supple.  It contains shea butter and sweet almond oil which are packed full of fatty acids and vitamins, benzoin and yarrow which are therapeutic skin conditioners, patchouli which is a calming essential oil, carrageenan gum which helps to smooth the texture of the skin and kukui nut oil which is designed to make even the most problematic of skins more supple.  Wow, what a mix and it certainly works.  With continued use, I can really feel my hands maintaining their softness and ultimately, their youth through using this.  It is great to massage into the hands throughout any flight as it is quick to absorb but leaves a soft, slightly oily feeling on the hands which keeps them feeling moisturised for a long time.  I’d really recommend it.

It comes in three travel friendly sizes- a 100ml tube for £14.50, 50ml for £10 and a 30ml for £7.50, all from the Balance Me website and also on the Debenhams website as well as in selected stores.

I keep all of my inflight hydration essentials in clear zipped bag that I can simply whip out when I’m going through airport security.  All of these are in handy travel sizes as they’re under 100ml so they can be passed through without any troubles and they’re usually large enough to last me through the course of a 2 week holiday too.


What are you inflight essentials?

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