Intelligent Ways To Give Any Room The X-Factor

Transforming your rooms into delightful spaces in which you want to spend your time can often feel like an uphill struggle. No matter how much you focus on them, they never quite turn out how you intend. 

In this post, therefore, we take a look at some of the killer methods you can use to get your rooms looking just the way you want them. These ideas can turn a “work in progress” into something that feels complete and will satisfy you long-term. 

Even relatively plain rooms can achieve wow-factor status with the right additions. And, often, you don’t have to change much. When things work together naturally, it increases the impact substantially.

Pick Something Big And Weird

Have you ever noticed how brave top designers are with their style choices? They’re willing to do things that most of us would be too afraid to even consider. So, if you want to give your rooms the X-factor in an intelligent manner, you have to take calculated risks. If you don’t, then your rooms will always feel like they are lacking something critical. 

How you achieve the bizarre is essentially up to you. In some cases, you’ll want to add furniture that looks odd for whatever reason. In others, you’ll want to choose bright patches of color or accents that help to bring out the room. Try to create a specific mood. 

Add Classic Prints

Classic prints and patterns are a wonderful way to immediately give your rooms the X-factor because of what they evoke. For instance, people associated black and white tiles on the floor with old-fashioned, mid-century kitchens. By taking a new angle on retro styles, you can bring them into the modern era while also appreciating their timeless appeal.

How you do this, of course, is very much up to you. A good place to start is to look at some retro interiors from the mid-twentieth century and ask yourself how you could recreate them and make them better with a modern twist.

If you’re on a budget, We Buy Any House suggest there are many ways that you can work wonders with paint. Instead of painting walls all the same color, try experimenting by adding a gradient.

Add Paint Contrasts

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If you’re on a budget, there are many ways that you can work wonders with paint. Instead of painting walls all the same color, try experimenting by adding a gradient. You could start with relatively dark paint near the skirting board and then make it lighter and lighter as it approaches the ceiling. 

These effects are wonderful for people who want to create a contrasted look. It creates a real wow factor for the space and is often totally unexpected too. It’s a particularly good addition for guest bedrooms

Turn The Space Into A Greenhouse

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Adding lots of plants to your interiors can sometimes go wrong. You need to manage them carefully and ensure that each has its own space. If you can get it right, though, you can quickly create a room that has a genuine wow factor. 

Having lots of greenery in rooms is rare. Relatively few people ever think to do it, imagining that it will be too difficult to pull off. But you can actually generate a lot of greenery by adding large specimens to your space. Including plants is relatively inexpensive and can help to improve your mood. It’s also a great way to improve air quality, particularly for people spending all day in a stuffy home office. 

Add The Right Art

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Adding the right art to a room can help to complete it, changing the entire feeling of the space. If you click here for canvas prints, you’ll see that there is a vast selection from which to choose. 

When picking art, bear in mind that bigger is often better. Being bold creates a better visual effect and helps to tie the room together better than lots of smaller frames. 

If you want to add small photos or pictures, then arrange them in a collage that fills all of the available space. Try not to leave small pictures hanging by themselves unless you have a very specific interior design style in mind. 

Let Your Murals Tell A Story

Murals are great additions to rooms because they allow you to tell stories. Many people add murals to rooms with character because they help to enhance the original appeal and aesthetic. 

Murals are also a good way to introduce more artwork to your interiors. You don’t always want neutral and unassuming spaces. Instead, you would like bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms to say something about their history and the values that you have.

Wallpaper murals allow you to do this easily and cheaply on a budget. Murals range from dark and moody to light, vibrant and textural. If you don’t like the idea of bringing real plants indoors, you can always use murals with plant themes to create a similar effect. 

Bold Mirrors

Interior designers are obsessed with mirrors, and it’s not hard to see why. They can instantly double the size of your rooms and immediately make them so much brighter. 

The best way to use mirrors is to put them in places that you would never expect. Try placing them beside the sofa or behind the door in your living room. This will help to create new impressions of space that you didn’t have before. 

When choosing mirrors, most interior designers like to go big – just as they do with artwork and paintings. If you’re worried about using a freestanding mirror, use a version that you can stick or nail to the wall. 

Add Statement Lighting

Lighting has the potential to be the most stunning element of your rooms, owing to the combination of bulbs and glass. Chandeliers, for instance, help to create depth in your spaces and add a sense of grandeur to your rooms. They also catch everyone’s attention, making them great for people who love to entertain. 

You can also add statement lighting in the kitchen. Placing designer lights above your island or dining table allows you to elevate the space and make it more enjoyable to eat there. 

You can also choose lighting that makes your rooms more romantic. Dimmer switches are a must for anyone who wants to create a moody ambience. 

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

Intelligent designers are always looking for ways to include things that are out of the ordinary into their interiors. More often than not, they look to the past for quaint, quirky and unusual ideas. Adding a 19th century clock, for instance, might be a little expensive, but it is also a great way to give a room more character. What’s more, you might be able to find some bargains if you start sniffing around on the private market. 

The same goes for your fixtures and fittings. There’s no reason why you can’t use futures from a specific era such as art deco. These immediately add character to your interiors and change the vibe. 

Mix Colors And Textures

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Lastly, one of the best ways to give your rooms the X-factor is to mix colors and textures. When you change the textures of a room, you give it more charisma and artistic appeal. Combine your textural choices with the right colors, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the room of your dreams. 

If you can, try to avoid bright neon colors. These draw the eye and can cause most people discomfort. Instead, look for bold yet muted tones that express the emotions you are trying to convey in your room. Opt for combinations that will make you and your guests feel more relaxed.

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