Interior Features to Upgrade your Bedroom

We spend a good third of our lives in bed so shouldn’t we be ensuring our bedrooms are befitting of the amount of time we spend in them? It’s the most personal and sacred space in your house and is where you go at the end of the day to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day. But upgrading your bedroom doesn’tneed to cost a fortune, as we’ll discuss below with our top affordable interior bedroom features.

Go soft

Incorporate statement soft furnishings. Pillows, throws and rugs can add texture, colour and warmth to your bedroom. Use a colourcard to see what complements the existing furnishings and decor of your room. Flowing silk bedsheets and thick curtains (that also have the added benefit of blocking out that pesky sunlight) will make your luxury bedroom feel completely decadent.  

Get fitted

Add and customise a fitted wardrobe to make your bedroom look seamless and hide all your essentials in plain sight. There are endless options for inserts within wardrobe cupboards; you can insert shelving and jewellery trays, pull out shoe racks or even a linen press. It will make your bedroom look that much larger and more open if you can store all of your bits and bobs away in a fitted wardrobe.

Go reflective

A large dressing room mirror hung or propped against a wall will present a more modern and stylish aesthetic and the reflection will also more bring light into your room. Consider matching the mirror frame to the existing hardware in your room, such as the drawer handles, to add a little consistency and cohesion to the decor too. You don’t want to go overboard with the mirrors though.

Get green

Another way to add a little less conventional luxury and upgrade your bedroom is to add some greenery to your bedroom. Including a large leafy plant in the corner of the room such as a fern or a small cactus with matching pots on your bedside table will add some much-needed natural colour and atmosphere to your room. Dried flowers and pampas grass can also add definite Scandinavian atmosphere and if you’re a fan of a nice beer you might even consider hanging a few dried hops. The smell will really help you get a good night’s sleep if nothing else.

Go lightly

Putting consideration into lighting can dramatically alter the mood and ambience of your bedroom. Table lamps, LED lights, hanging lights and overhead lights all add function and variety to the space. The key is in finding the right balance and assessing how best to utilise the natural light in the room too. Light is, ultimately, your most vital natural resource when it comes to how your bedroom looks and feels so don’t underestimate it!

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