Investment worthy accessories

Are you looking to invest in some new accessories?

With so many options available at a wide range of price points, it can be difficult to know where to invest versus where to save.

Investing in select quality accessories is a great way to ensure you have pieces that you can get the most wear out of, as well as being able to wear them for a range of occasions with outfits in different styles.

The following guide will talk you through some accessories you should definitely consider investing in.

Timeless jewellery

Jewellery is the perfect accessory for adding class and personality to any outfit. Investing in a few key pieces that you can wear every day is a good place to start with building up a collection. For example, a classic diamond ring can be worn daily whilst at work (dependent on your profession) but equally is the perfect addition to a more dressed-up outfit. 

Once you have begun building up a collection, it is vital that you are storing and taking care of your jewellery properly to make sure it remains in the best possible condition. 

Classic sunglasses

Although you may be less likely to wear them than jewellery, a classic pair of sunglasses make a great addition to any wardrobe.

Take some time to try on different styles to determine which best complements your face shape. Make sure to go for a colourway and style that can be worn with other pieces from your wardrobe. For example, if all your jewellery is silver, you should probably steer clear of sunglasses with gold detailing. 

Versatile handbag

Getting a handbag purchase right can be tricky but the right bag can be a really valuable investment.

Pick something in a neutral tone to ensure it will pair well with a variety of outfits. Look for something in a material that is going to last well and not damage too easily, for example, a grain leather or nylon.

Size is also going to be crucial when picking a handbag. Find something that is big enough for daily use but not too big that it can’t be used as an evening bag too. If you can, go for something that comes with a variety of strap options as this way you can transform the bag from day to night depending on what you need it for. 

Black boots

When it comes to shoes, there is a vast array of different styles available, which can make selecting a chosen few pairs difficult. Shoes will naturally wear much quicker than other items in your wardrobe due to how they are worn. It is therefore important to invest in some good quality items which have the longevity to withstand daily wear.

Black boots are incredibly versatile, perfect for dressing up with skirts and dresses, as well as wearing dressed down with jeans or shorts. Take a look online for some inspiration and read customer reviews. As well as style, comfort is also imperative when choosing new shoes so if you can, try the shoes on in person and take them for a spin at home or around the shop before committing to the purchase.

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