Is 6 sessions of laser treatment enough to clear facial acne?

I’m currently testing out some new spot clearing products but there’s one area of skincare that I’m not the best to advise on and that’s acne products because I’ve never suffered with it myself. I will have a post up soon with some spot fighting products reviewed in it but for those of you who do have acne, I have brought a post to you today with some information in about acne and one of the options that you have when dealing with it; laser treatment. Sometimes skincare can really only do so much so having the option of laser treatment is a godsend to those who feel that they need it.

Any sufferers of facial acne will be aware of all the problems that come with it. Acne is a burden that many people all over the world have to suffer with, and whilst it rarely poses any serious medical health problems, it often causes a sense of severe mental aggravation and several self-esteem issues. Facial acne can crush confidence, increase anxiety, and ultimately damage the quality of a person’s life.

Acne is caused by hair follicles in the skin becoming blocked, which force the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum (the oily substance that prevents skin drying out) and create plugs. Whilst acne is particularly common during puberty, anyone at any age can be subjected to it – and is often a result of testosterone overproduction, genes, and medication as opposed to aspects like poor hygiene or diet.

Another side effect of facial acne is how it causes permanent scarring, which can fuel anxiety and create even more problems in terms of self-confidence and insecurity. Whilst many over-the-counter products can ease the effects of acne and improve physical appearance, occasionally creams and gels just won’t cut it. Fortunately, there is another way.

Undergoing acne laser treatment can clear skin of active acne, repair damaged skin caused by scarring, and significantly improve overall physical appearance and restore personal confidence. 

Any sufferers of facial acne may be left wondering: is 6 sessions of laser treatment enough to clear my facial acne? It may sound like a cliché; but everyone is different. Whilst facial acne can often be significantly reduced after 6 sessions of laser treatment, a person may require less or more sessions depending on the extent of their condition, and also their skin type. Also, the laser treatment sessions themselves are often enacted as part of a specialised treatment program. 6 sessions alone may not resolve acne-related issues, but when undergone as part of a treatment plan, there’s every chance that acne can be significantly reduced.  

The laser treatment process involves rejuvenating the skin and directly targeting the bacteria that causes acne. Each individual who undergoes treatment will have lasers scanned across the affected areas of the skin, and experience a warm sensation as the bacteria is destroyed. Patients may suffer inflamed skin 24-48 hours directly after treatment, but will be prescribed skincare products to use in the aftermath of their sessions to soothe their skin. Acne scarring treatment sessions are enacted in a similar way – rejuvenating the skin and removing the damaged layers to reveal new ones beneath.

Given how each acne sufferer varies in condition degree and type, every individual person is assigned their own personal treatment plan, products for home use, and particular laser treatment sessions. Laser treatment sessions are usually spaced to out to allow the skin to recover, and to determine how each person’s individual skin type reacts to the treatment.

The Laser Treatment Clinic in London offer free consultations provided by their very own Laser Skin Specialists, which can be arranged by calling 020 7307 8712. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that anyone is able to get in touch at any time, and take that vital first step to getting rid of facial acne once and for all. Laser treatment can do wonders for confidence, and after making that first inquiry about acne treatment, anyone previously wondering “is 6 sessions of laser treatment enough to clear my facial acne?” will soon forget they even had to ask that question in the first place.

*in collaboration with The Laser Treatment Clinic

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