Is A Harrington Jacket Right For Winter?

What is a Harrington jacket?

A Harrington jacket is a lightweight, waist-length jacket with pockets and a collar.  They’re typically made out of cotton, wool and polyester. Harrington jackets are easily recognisable with these distinctive features. On top of those previously mentioned, Harrington jackets can also be spotted by their unique chequered interior. They’ve been a staple piece of mens clothing for decades, a mens harrington jacket is comfortable, warm and easy to style! Before we discuss whether a Harrington jacket is right for winter, we’ll delve into its history… 

History of the Harrington jacket

Baracuta and Grenfell claim to have made the Harrington jacket first, so it’s actually unknown who manufactured it first. It first appeared in popular culture when Elvis was seen wearing one, and in the following years, the classic jacket style featured on many prominent celebrities. In the United Kingdom, the Harrington jacket was an integral part of mod or skinhead fashion in the 1960s and late 1970s. Skinheads were characterised by their unique style; they typically had shaved heads or short hair along with Dr Martens boots, straight-leg jeans, Fred Perry or Ben Sherman polo shirts and Harrington jackets. Skinhead fashion pieces can regularly be seen in revivals throughout modern fashion, but the Harrington jacket is a staple piece that never becomes unpopular. On top of the feature in mod style, Harrington jackets were also at the height of fashion during the 1990s as part of Britpop style.

So, is a Harrington jacket right for winter?

Harrington jackets are versatile for all seasons. They’re known for being lightweight but warm jackets, but this varies depending on what material your Harrington jacket is made from. If your jacket lining is made of wool, these are better suited for winter. However, even if your Harrington jacket is made from lighter materials, you can add warmth with layers. Harrington jackets normally have a more loose and more relaxed fit, making them perfect for layering on top of sweaters to add extra warmth. You can also add extra protection from the cold by pairing the Harrington jacket with a scarf and hat. The jacket collar has a looser fit, allowing for neck accessories such as scarves and snoods in winter. The exterior of the original Harrington jacket was also made from waterproof material. This was perfect for rainy winter days, so if you’re purchasing a mens Harrington jacket, make sure you’re investing in a high-quality one as this will protect you from the rain! 

How to wear a Harrington jacket in Winter 

As mentioned previously, one of the great aspects of a Harrington jacket is its versatility. As a Harrington jacket is a block colour, it can be paired with pretty much anything. In history, Harrington jackets were paired with straight-leg dark colour jeans and a white t-shirt. This is also appropriate for winter weather as heavy jeans will protect you from the cold weather. Harrington jackets can be worn with thermals underneath or a jumper and you will be protected from the elements. 

Overall, the Harrington jacket is definitely appropriate for winter, it’s an all-year-round piece. If you’re specifically looking to wear it in the colder months, buying a Harrington jacket made from heavier material will ensure you don’t get chilly in the dead of winter. The looser fit allows for layering and it looks stylish with winter accessories that will also keep the cold away. We suggest investing in a Harrington jacket as on top of looking fashionable and stylish, you’ll be warm!

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