Is It Time For A Bathroom Makeover?

Your bathroom goes through a lot.  When you stop and think, it is the one room of the house that gets the harshest conditions. Whenever you shower, the place gets filled with steam.  It can be prone to collecting all kinds of grime, and over time, our lovely bathroom fixtures lose their sparkle, and the floors, walls and ceilings start to look a little shabby. 

Getting your bathroom remodelled can be a very costly exercise, one which you will want to plan well for.  You might feel inclined to cut corners to save money or not get the best fixtures available.  However, when you consider how long you need your suite to last, and how much use you will get from it, you should consider investing in quality, rather than taking the cheapest option if you’re able to.


How often do you get to soak in the tub? If it’s part of your routine, you’ll want to get a decent bathtub.  Do you often grab a shower on the go too?  A separate shower cubicle is probably called for here also.  How many people will be using the bathroom?  A busy house often calls for more spacious, hardwearing designs.  Your bathroom might get messy very quickly with a large family using it several times a day. You should think about tiling options that are easily cleaned. 


So when you moved into your home, you will have probably lived with the suite where it was.  There is no reason why you cannot look at moving your bathroom around.  There may be some things that will need to be where they are now, but speak with a bathroom showroom specialist and see what options you have for changing up the space. 


Now might be the time to get a better bath.  Getting a deeper bath, with added features such as massaging water jets.  With many people spending more on their own relaxation, there are a lot of great options to choose from.

When you are choosing your bath from a showroom, sit in the tub to see how it feels.  Make sure you get a solid bath that you feel comfortable and relaxed in.


If you’re having an overhaul, why not get a bigger, better shower?  Look at the maximum space you can have for your shower, and look at junction 2 interiors for some inspiration. If you shower often, you will want to do this in comfort.


If you want your bathroom to look good, as well as be functional, think about luxury fittings.  Good quality taps set a bathroom suite apart from others. 


Your shower and bath will give off a lot of steam.  Often this can cause damp and mould to form, causing your bathroom to fall into disrepair; not to mention the health implications.  Get an extractor fan fitted to help remove the steam.  Extractors can be loud though, so check out the reviews and make sure you buy one that is quiet.

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