Is liposuction right for you?

People invest in liposuction for a wide range of reasons, but it can be tough to decide whether it’s the right route for you to go down. If you’ve been contemplating a change in your appearance, then this blog can help you make the best decision. Remember to do your own research about the treatment and to have an in-depth consultation with your chosen clinic in London offering liposuction. Write down all your questions and concerns before reaching out. That way you can make sure you don’t forget anything important. But before taking that first step, here are some things to think about:


Contrary to popular opinion, liposuction is designed for people who are already of a healthy weight. Your weight should also be relatively stable, because if you lose or gain weight right after liposuction, you might not fully reap the treatment’s benefits.  Liposuction is designed to help to reduce fat in certain areas, not reduce your overall weight and size. However, liposuction is permanent, which means that if you gain weight in the future, the place where you had liposuction will stay the same. This can mean your body won’t be proportionate, which is why it’s so important for your weight to be stable before having the procedure.


Because gaining or losing weight in the future can impact your liposuction results, you need to be committed to maintaining your body’s weight. This means keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise plan indefinitely. If this is something you struggle with, liposuction might not be for you. However, if your body has looked the same for years and you’ve said goodbye to yo-yo dieting, then it could really help you.


Following your treatment, you will probably need to wear some kind of compression accessory to help your body to heal correctly. Otherwise, you could be prone to swelling and discomfort. You’ll have to wear this during the day and at night for around six weeks, so think carefully about your calendar before committing. You may not feel like wearing certain types of clothes when using the compression accessory and it could make you feel very warm during the summer months. Don’t forget, liposuction can also have side effects. While serious side effects are unlikely, you might have bruises or bleeding in the area where you underwent treatment.


Depending on where you go for your treatment, liposuction can vary in cost. If you’re on a tight budget, it might be worth postponing the procedure until you’re more financially secure. When reaching out to clinics, make sure you ask about payment plans, as some will allow you to pay in instalments over a number of months. Liposuction is really worth the initial cost, as it’s something you shouldn’t have to get done again and again thanks to its long-lasting results – just make sure you time it right to fit in with everything else in your life.

Decided that liposuction is right for you? Get started on your journey today.

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