It’s a Decleor Christmas!

There comes a time in a bloggers life when the people they know ‘in real life’ start to read their blog and this is one of those posts that I’m praying certain people don’t read as it features their Christmas present…!

Featuring the gorgeous Hydration Coffret from the Decleor Wonders of Nature giftset collection…

Decleor Hydration Coffret

I chose this set for my friend because she’s just getting into skincare and loves high quality products- and it doesn’t get much more high quality than Decleor.  The Hydration Coffret set itself has a good mix of essential and complementary products that work together as a complete hydrating skincare regime.  The set contains a full sized 50ml Hydra Floral Cream, a full sized 15ml Hydra Floral Gel-Cream For Eyes and a sample size (1 third of full size) 5ml Aromessence Neroli facial serum.  I’ve tried all of the products myself and saw how well they perform.  They’re indulgent, spa like and feel like a treat everytime they are applied.

The first product to be used in the routine would be the Aromessence Neroli serum which is one of Decleors 100% natural elixirs of pure essential oils.  To apply the oil is simple; just a couple of drops massaged and pressed into the skin with the fingertips using the Decelor acupressure method that I first discovered during a facial but you can also find out all the information online.

I’ve tried this serum at home before too in another 5ml sample that I received after a Decleor facial a while ago and it lasted for ages, so although this is only a sample size, it will last my friend a long time too. With it being a sample, I didn’t review it on my blog however I’ve reviewed a similar serum from Decleor in the form of their Aromessence Rose D’Orient hereI find it quite calming and soothing on the skin as well as hydrating when used with the Hydra Floral Cream.

The Hydra Floral Cream has been my day cream of choice for the last few years now and I know it performs really well, also as a night cream, particularly in the winter time when the skin is subject to the harsh, cold elements and central heating.  Its a fairly thick cream, indulgent but quick to soak into the skin and it provides long lasting softness and hydration to the skin which is needed throughout the year but most importantly in winter time.  The cream has a special ‘drip feed’ action that keeps the skin continually moisturised all day and helps to protect it against the ageing effects of pollution.  It contains Orange Blossom Floral Water as well as a whole host of other nourishing natural botanicals and boosts the moisture levels of every skin type going which makes it a great choice for a Christmas gift as it is suitable for all skin types and therefore buying it is worry free!

The third skincare product in the set is the Hydra Floral Moisturising Gel-Cream For Eyes which is essential for keeping the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated.  In this skincare gift set there is a full size 15ml tube of the eye cream which will last months as only a small amount needs to be applied around the eye using the ring fingers as they apply the least amount of pressure and don’t pull the skin.  Like the Hydra Floral Cream, the eye cream has ‘drip feed’ technology too and keeps the eye area hydrated and smooth all day which helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles caused by pollution, the environment and the cold.  Since the formula is inbetween a gel and a cream, I’ve found that it is very cooling too which really helps with puffy eyes and bags to soothe them and improve their appearence.

As a set, there are great savings to be had on these products as the Hydra Floral Cream retails for £39.50 for a 50ml pot on its own, the Hydra Floral Moisturising Gel-Cream For Eyes is £24.80 for a 15ml tube and a 15ml bottle of the Aromessence Neroli is £44 so this 5ml bottle would be around £14.66 whereas the whole set itself retails for £42.

Oh and as a bit of a Brucey Bonus, the gift set also contains a jewellery ring holder in the shape of a gold tree which will look gorgeous on any girls dressing table.

I think this is a great set to give any skincare lover, especially someone who is just starting out with skincare as all of the products can be used morning and night and are suited to all skin types.  I got this giftset from the Decleor website but it is also available in spas and from department stores.

Have you bought any Decleor Christmas gift sets this year?  Which one is your favourite?


  1. Anonymous
    December 24, 2012 / 4:51 pm

    This box actually looks really affordable. I was worried I wouldnt be able to afford something high end for one of my wealthier friends this year but I'll definitely be able to now. Thanks for this.

  2. beautyqueenuk
    October 24, 2015 / 11:23 am

    I love this, the box is super cute and the size of the products are amazing x

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