It’s Early – But It’s The Perfect Time To Start Planning Your Christmas Decorations!

The holiday season is all about fun, laughs and being merry. But the last few weeks of preparation can be a little daunting, especially if you leave everything until the last minute. Doing so can also cost you more – so there really is no time like the present to get your Christmas preparations underway!

One of the first choices you need to make is how to decorate your home. Not whether to decorate, but what theme you will pick and how you will go about creating the vibe that you want for your family and friends.

How do you stay sane while trying to organize all this preparation? Working it in stages is the perfect solution, and enables you to focus on actually making sure Christmas is fun!

This article help you do just that, and gives your festive organization a much-needed early boost!


Your home is your canvas

Aside from when you decorate or renovate, the opportunities you have to unleash your creative self are limited. Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to let your skills shine. 

You have spaces to decorate all round, including wall space, worktops, tables, shelves and even door frames. Think about what type of tone you want for your Christmas, and how you can get decorations to work in harmony with your home to create just that. 

As with all good projects, the key is to plan. Think about what you want where, but also what style you think will work well with your home’s existing styles. If you have a minimalist, contemporary home for example, then busy, jumbled Christmas decoration is unlikely to be the best option. 


How to get started

First, think about what space you have to use. What Christmas themes do you like? Traditional or more modern? Colorful or just a few colors? 

You can make Christmas decoration as bold or as subtle as you like. You could even think about temporarily taking some of your pictures down and replacing them with festive scenes or Christmas decorations. Start your planning early by saving some inspirational ideas from Facebook or Instagram. You can then look back on them and think about how to incorporate them into your home. 

Once you have a clearer idea of what you are looking to accomplish, you can then get creating! If you are looking to decorate your home without breaking the bank this Christmas, you can really start getting creative. 


Getting your priorities in place

The central aspects of all good holiday seasons are the tree and the lights. These give a focal point to your celebrations, and light your home in exciting, seasonal ways that you only see once a year. 

Decorations are much more abstract, and can be orientated around your home whether you have a small city apartment or a much larger ranch in the countryside. Whether you like to make your decorations yourself or buy them (or go for a hybrid model), there are all kinds of opportunities open to you. 

Natural decorations are becoming increasingly in vogue, and can provide perfect additions to meal tables, shelves, and cabinets. Sprigs of holly or hand-painted twig arrangements can provide a personal touch too. 

To emphasize, choosing your style is more important than what style you pick. And once you have, then stick to it. 



There are pros and cons to artificial and real Christmas trees. The best plan with assessing your tree is to think about your space, and the practicalities. A huge tree in a small room will make the whole space feel cramped, whereas too small a tree in a large space will make it seem inconsequential and lost. 

Think about getting a natural tree to the top of an apartment block, or whether you have space to store an artificial tree all year round. If you don’t have an attic or basement, a real tree could be the way forward. 


Getting it light!


Think too about the type of Christmas lights you want on your tree. LED lights offer great value for money, especially in terms of your electricity bill! 


You should pick lights to suit the rest of your vibe, whether subtle tones or multicolor. Getting ready for Christmas is an exciting time – make sure you enjoy it!

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