Jewelry Style tips you need to know to get the Perfect Look

Jewellery is one such essential piece of accessory that transforms your entire look and give you the runway look that everyone craves. The chunky pair of jewellery, the layered necklaces, pixiu bracelet, or a turquoise ring can enhance your look and make you a fashionista. A stunning piece of jewellery with a perfectly styled outfit will complement your style, enhance your personality, and make an individual look attractive.

Most of us will be having a chunk of jewellery that we have collected over the years. But each time you open the box, a wave of thrill and confusion hits you and leaves you wondering what to wear or which one will go with the outfit. At times you may feel insecure, even after wearing your most expensive dress and stunning jewellery. So, if you are having difficulty in styling your jewellery to get the perfect diva look, then try the following tips to get the perfect and cool look that you always desired.

1. Be experimental with layering your jewellery

If you are finding your dress boring, then layer your jewellery to get a cool and fun look. You can layer your necklaces, bangles, rings, or even wear multiple pieces of earrings if you have more than one piercing.

While layering necklaces, try necklaces of different lengths, patterns, and colours. If you are layering bracelets and bangles, wear as many as you can.  In layering, the main idea is to be experimental. Get unique and variety of jewellery from flea markets or from online stores like LaCkore Couture Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry to create interesting combinations and get a cool look.

2. Don’t overdo

Even though you can be experimental, you should know when to stop. Layering is fun and cool, but it is necessary to understand when it is too much.

If you are layering necklaces and want to highlight your face, then avoid layering your bangles and bracelets. If you are going for a bold earring, then it would be best if you could avoid those chunky neckpieces or go for a minimal necklace.

3. Choose jewellery according to the occasion

Layering can be really good if you are going for an outing or a trip. It will give you a fun, yet cool look. But, imagine the scenario of wearing chunky jewellery to your office and the inconvenience they cause while you use the keyboard. For the office, it will be good if you go for minimal jewellery. Also, the ornaments that you wear for church, won’t be the same as the ones you wear at a party. Remember that there is a piece of jewellery for all occasions. So, consider the occasion and choose your jewellery accordingly.

4. If you want to highlight your face, then go for a statement earring

If you want to highlight your face and facial features, then get a pair of statement earrings. But, before choosing the earrings, take into consideration the shape of your face and your skin tone. If you have an oval face, try triangular earrings which will highlight your cheekbones or if you have a round face, go for dangling or teardrop earrings. If you are looking for some jewellery inspiration, you can visit site here.

5. Decide the focus point-dress or jewellery

You can transform your boring and simple outfit into something stylish with the help of the right jewellery. You can go for some heavy jewellery or try layering to give your dull outfit a cool look. But, if you are wearing a heaving outfit with bold colours and heavy embroidery, then wearing too many ornaments will make it look gaudy. So, go for minimal jewellery.

6. Decide the focal point of your jewellery

If you are wearing an expansive necklace and you want everyone to focus on that, then go for simple earrings and a bracelet. If you want people to gaze at your hand, then try something experimental by layering or go for a pretty bracelet, and wear a simple earring and pendant.

7. Consider the neckline of your outfit and pair the necklace

While wearing your necklace, always consider the neckline of your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a turtleneck outfit, then going for long chains or pendants will be a wise choice. If your neckline is a scoop, then wear a shorter pendant that has layers or volumes. if you are wearing a strapless top, then a chocker will give you the perfect look.

8. Never be a fashion slave

The clothes and accessories that we wear are always influenced by trends. But never be a slave to trend. Try to figure out what is best for you and what suits your personality. All trends are not suitable for everyone, and to be a part of the trend, never lose yourself. Before wearing a piece of jewelry, consider your skin tone, the shape of your face, and your outfit. Remember that even if you are not wearing something that falls into the category of trendy, you may ace the look and become a trendsetter.

Remember that the most important rule in fashion is to break the rules. So, go with your guts, be experimental and have fun styling. Style the jewellery that can complement your personality, boost your confidence, highlight your fashion sense and be a trendsetter.

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