Keep Your House Warm This Winter With These Tips

The wintry weather is becoming more of an issue for families around the country, and with so many in the precarious position of whether to heat or eat this winter, learning how to keep the house warm is one of the most important things that families can do. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to stay warm but many families are struggling for cash in a post-COVID world. 

It’s important that you look into every possible way to warm your home, from free cavity wall insulation from installers to fill up the gaps and keep the heat from dissipating through the walls, to adding as many possible layers so that you can keep you and your family warm. Your house needs to be warm through the winter and protected from the cold. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to keep your house warm this winter.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Utilise the tinfoil in the kitchen. You might use it for packed lunches, but tinfoil is one of the best things that you can add to insulate your space. You don’t want to lose too much heat from your radiators and if you use reflective tin foil behind the radiator, you’ll have more heat radiate out into the room. It’ll stop the heat seeping out through the walls!
  2. Add some thick curtains. Window treatments are vital for your house to be as warm as possible and layers are key. Whether you add blinds and normal thickness curtains or not, the thicker the curtains, the better your house can retain heat.
  3. Don’t forget the sunlight. The sunlight streaming into the rooms throughout the day adds heat and it’s free! If you open the curtains and blinds in the daylight and let the sun stream through, you’re going to add a lot of warmth. As soon as the sun goes down, you can shut the curtains to keep the collected heat in and the rooms remain warmer.
  4. Upgrade your windows. You can upgrade from single pane windows to double glazed, and this will help you to insulate your house and it looks good, too. You can get adhesive strips for the windows, too, adding a layer of insulation and helping you to prevent the heat from leaving the rooms.
  5. Fix up your chimney. If you have a fireplace, the chances are that you haven’t remembered to close it off and effectively ‘plug it’ so that the cool air doesn’t come in and the heat doesn’t leave the room. You can lose a lot of heat through the fireplace if you’re not careful. A chimney balloon will make all the difference and you can keep the heat in the room when you have one of these installed.
  6. Close off all the draughts. If you don’t seal your windows and letterboxes, you’re going to end up with a lot of smaller draughts coming into the house and your heat leaving it. You should consider going around the house and plugging the gaps before the winter really sets in!

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