Kiko Eyeshadow Clics Palettes Review

I really love getting excited about a new make up product, that feeling you get when you just can’t wait to dive in and use something; its like being a little girl again.  However when you’re a blogger, that feeling is often prolonged and an agonising wait ensues as you feel inclined to photograph the product before you begin to use it.  I most recently felt like this when the new Kiko Eye Clics landed on my doorstep.

Kiko Eye Clics*

Eye Clics are essentially eyeshadow palettes that you can create from your own Kiko Infinity and Infinity+ Eyeshadows.  You may have seen similar products out there from the well established Inglot and MAC to the relatively new build your own palette system from Urban Decay but I really think that the Kiko offerings stand aside on their own and are definitely giving the others a run for their money.  I love the idea of creating my very own personalised eyeshadow palette where I can hand pick the shades that I put into it and mix and match them whenever I want to.


Clics stands for composability liberty innovation colour system and they’re empty eye shadow cases that allow you to hold, organise and catalogue your eyeshadows whether it be for travel or into colour palettes, favourites or everyday and evening shadows.  There are four different sized palettes available; a three shadow trio palette for £3.90, a four shadow quad palette for £4.90, a nine shadow palette for £9.90 and a 24 shadow palette for £15.90  I have two of the three shadow Empty Eyeshadow Cases.


The Eye Clics 03 is a rectangular case with a magnetic closure that holds three eyeshadows.  They do feel a little bulky, I don’t think that they’re as compact and as travel friendly as they could be but they are really sleek and look more expensive than they are.  The packaging is a matte black with a silver Kiko logo and a small glossy black design on it which I really like.

The Kiko eyeshadows fit inside the clics palettes really well as you can just pop them in but what I love about them is that they’re really easy to take out because they have a little lip that you can put your finger into to ease the shadow out.  Sometimes I find with these create your own style eyeshadow palettes, once you put your eyeshadows in, they’re a bit of a pain to get out, particularly if you’re wanting to put them in other palettes or check the shade name and getting them out can often damage the eyeshadows in the process (yes Inglot, I’m talking about you).


As well as the palettes, there is also a single eyeshadow holder (£1.90) that I don’t actually think is necessary as the individual eyeshadows have a little cap on them that you could keep after you’ve popped them into the palettes and save them for if you’re travelling and you only want to take one shadow as it’ll pop back on and stay securely and take up less room than the single eyeshadow case which is important if, like me, you struggle to pack lightly!

That brings me on to the eyeshadows themselves and boy do Kiko have some beauties.  They’ve created a brand new colour spectrum with 96 new Infinity Eyeshadows which are £5.90 for each high pigment eyeshadow in either a matte, satin, metallic or ultra pearly finish and 12 new Infinity+ Eyeshadows which are £7.90 for each highly concentrated pearl and pigment eyeshadow.  All of the shadows can be used wet or dry depending on the look that you are hoping to achieve and there are four different finishes available- matte, satin, metallic and pure, bright colour.  All of the eyeshadows come in their own little cardboard boxes with little lids over the top of the shadows.

The Infinity Eyeshadow shades that I have are 200, 217, 221, 233 and the Infinity+ Eyeshadow that I have is shade 403 (I actually have two of these).

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow in 200 Pure White

The shade 200 is called Pure White.  It is a really intensely pigmented shade that works fabulously well as a highlight.  The base colour is a matte white but it has an ever so slight shimmer to it that sparkles slightly on the skin and is really illuminating.  The colour pay off isn’t quite as intense as it shows on my finger because it blends out really well but it is very strong and feels buttery soft, smooth and so bendable so you can build it up to a more intense white.  I’ve been looking for a highlight shade like this for such a long time so I’m so pleased to find this one.

Another of the shades that is very much like that is 221 Sparkling Dahlia Rose which is a light, sparkly shimmer in a soft, dusty pink base.  I love this as an alternative highlight shade or as a eye lid base upon which to blend other shadows onto.  Like 200 Pure White, this is a super special shade, I absolutely love it and I am SO happy to have it in my collection.

The only Infinity+ Eyeshadow that I have is 403 Baby Pink.  This is the most beautiful yet the most disappointing of the shadows for me.  In the pan it looks amazing, so sparkly and glittery.  A swipe of the finger reveals a gorgeous shimmery, packed on pigment but this just doesn’t translate quite so intensely onto the skin and it really has to be layered and layered to get any sort of colour pay off on the skin.  If applied using a brush, there is a lot of fall out because of the glittery pigment particles.  With that in mind, I much prefer to layer this over 221 Sparkling Dahlia Rose for a light pink sparkly look.

Shown above are swatches of all three of the shades that I have in this eye clics palette.

Moving onto the other palette and the first shadow I have is another 403 Baby Pink, followed by an Infinity Eyeshadow in 233 Pearly Mahogany which is a gorgeous red-brown toned purple.  This looks amazing packed onto the lid or blended through the crease.  I absolutely love this shadow.  In the photo below I’m using it smoked through my crease together with 221 on my lid and 200 as a highlight on my brow bone.

The last eyeshadow in this palette is 217 Satin Ebony.  This is a rich chocolate brown that looks great on the lid or smoked through the crease.  When I’m doing a black smoky eye, I like to blend a little bit of this through the top of the crease to soften the black shadow.  It would also make a great eyebrow shade for those with dark hair.  Like the other Intensity Eyeshadows, it is buttery soft, easy to blend and applies like a dream.

The below photograph shows the swatches of the shadows from this palette.

The eyeshadows are between 2 and 2.5g in size and each come printed with the Kiko logo into the eyeshadow which I think is a lovely touch.  The Infinity+ shadows are my favourite by far- I just can’t believe how creamy and buttery they feel for a powder shadow and they are SO pigmented.  I’m really impressed.

For a relatively low price, I think that these are really great quality and perform professionally well.  They generally have a really smooth formula and claim to last for up to 10 hours.  Whilst I haven’t worn them for quite that long, I have worn them for eight hours at work and found that they didn’t crease on my lids or wear off so I would imagine that they would live up to their 10 hour claim.  I apply these using my usual eyeshadow brushes- a blending brush, pencil brush and a flat shadow brush to pack the shadow onto my lid and I find that the formula of the shadows enables them to blend really seamlessly across my lid giving a natural look.

All Kiko products are available from the Kiko website and in their stores.

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  1. Lolli K
    October 7, 2013 / 8:47 pm

    Wow these look amazing! Such pretty colours for Autumn!Lorraine x

  2. Karen
    November 22, 2014 / 5:53 pm

    Thanks for all the info and photos, Laura. It's been so useful to me when I was choosing the colours for my own Kiko palette this afternoon.Karen

    • WhatLauraLoves
      November 23, 2014 / 12:59 pm

      Aw thanks Karen, thats so great to hear xxx

  3. Eve Klein
    February 9, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Exactly how big are the shadows (mm) Eve xxx

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