Kitchen Bling: Fancy Gadgets that Make a Statement

If you are into the finer details of homemaking, you know that putting together kitchen appliances is a lengthy process that demands time, effort and money. You want to ensure that the right gadgets, plates, cups, pots, pans and cutlery work for your chosen theme. Fancy kitchen gadgets are all the rage now because they have superior features and are statement pieces that will look great onyour kitchen counter. 


Here are a few of the hottest and chicest kitchen appliances to own right now.


Stand Mixer

If you are a fan of baking and consider yourself an amateur chef, then you know that many recipes require a mixer. Incorporating your flour and wet ingredients for your bread, cake and cookie dough, or pancake batter directly affects the end product. This is why you need a food mixer, like the one by Kenwood for example, to make your work easier and improve quality. Using a fork to mix your pancake batter and eggs for breakfast is fine but can be tiresome and time-consuming. 


Coffee Machine 

If there is anything that can quickly turn a dull morning bright is a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee. Even better, you can enjoy your speciality coffee beans anytime in the comfort of your home when you have a fancy coffee machine that grinds the beans before brewing. Many barista coffee machines available for home use will whip you an espresso, latte or mocha within no time.


Sparkling Water Tap

Sparkling water is carbonated water that makes it fizzy. If you struggle to maintain your recommended daily water intake because you find plain water flat and dull, sparkling water can help. You can turn regular tap water into sparkling water by installing a sparkling water tap in your kitchen. The benefits of having a sparkling water tap do not end with providing bubbly water; they also boil and chill water as desired. These types come in all shapes, colors and designs, making them stand out and amplifying your kitchen’s beauty. Fancy products like the Aarke Carbonator 3 are beloved for their sleek shape and are easy to operate and clean.

Juice Extractors

Fruit juices are encouraged by dietitians and nutritionists because they are a convenient way for people to increase their fluid and nutrient intake. The sugars and minerals in fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.


For these reasons, you need to get a juice extractor that removes seeds and skin from vegetables and produces juice. A juice extractor is superior to a juicer because the nutrients in the skin and seeds are incorporated into your juice, making it healthier. A juice extractor in your home will ensure that you get cold-press juices from any fruit or vegetable whenever you want.


Electric Tea Kettle

The versatility of tea makes it a beloved beverage for kids and adults. There are no limitations to how you can make your tea. An electric tea kettle makes getting a refreshing cup fast and easy. When going for an elegant look, you should purchase brands distinguished from the rest by their designs and features. Tea kettle brands such as Smeg are a status symbol and offer exquisite statement pieces of high quality.


So which of the gadgets listed above are in your kitchen? And which would you consider getting?

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