Klorane Camomile Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Over the last month, I have been raving about this shampoo and conditioner on Twitter.  Its the Shampoo with Camomile and the Brightening Cream Conditioner with Camomile from the Blonde Highlights range by Klorane.  Both of these have quickly become another favourite of mine from Klorane.  Today I thought I’d tell you my thoughts on them.

First up, I thought I’d let you know my hair type; my hair is naturally a light golden blonde and I get highlights and/or low lights depending on how the mood takes me; at the moment, I have a full head of light blonde highlights.  My hair gets greasy VERY quickly and although I have a lot of hair, the hair I do have is particularly thin, fine and limp.

This shampoo and conditioner ticks ALL the right boxes for me.  The shampoo cleans my hair thoroughly first time and gets rid of any product that I’ve been using, even stubborn products like Batiste’s XXL Volume that really leave a coating on your hair.  As for the brightening cream conditioner, it is honestly the first conditioner I have used that I have been able to take right up to my root without it making my hair greasy.  To use it, I first wash my hair using the Klorane camomile shampoo and then I squeeze out the excess water, section my hair in half and apply the conditioner, I run my fingers through my hair so that it is evenly distributed and then wait around 5 minutes before washing it out.  It leaves my hair soft, smooth and detangled.  A true winner!

They both clean and condition hair without leaving any buildup which is great for blonde hair like mine as I find that some products make it look brassy and dull.  Both of these products include camomile extract which is known to have lightening properties.  I have noticed that my blonde hair has kept its lightness and not become dull in between highlights since I have been using this.  I have noticed some sections of my hair subtly becoming lighter too.

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a distinct camomile scent, its pure and unmanufactured and I haven’t found that it lasts on my hair after washing.  It just leaves my hair smelling clean until I next wash it.  I much prefer this to the artificial fruity plastic scents that you get with some hair products.

The packaging is great too, simple design and I have had no problems getting the product out which is all you can ask for really.  The sizing of the bottles is spot on too as the shampoo is 200ml but the conditioner is 150ml which I think is great because I tend to use less conditioner than shampoo so by the time I completely finish the shampoo, I should have ran out of conditioner too.  I hate being left with a few washes worth of conditioner after I’ve used all of the shampoo- does anyone else hate that too?

Klorane products are available from selected pharmacies, John Lewis and various online sites.  They retail for around £6 per product depending on where you get them from. 

Its important to note that these work for my hair type, if your hair is significantly different to mine, id recommend checking out Klorane’s website here as they have lots of other hair care ranges for different hair types, there’s literally something for everyone.  If you’ve used the range for fine or thinning hair then please let me know as I would love to know what they’re like.  I’m definitely going to buy the range for fine hair next and then decide which I prefer between the blonde and the fine!

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