Korres Little Stars Shower Gel Collection Review

Korres Little Stars Shower Gel Collection WhatLauraLoves

When it comes to Secret Santa or stocking filler gifts for those who appreciate the finer things in life, it can be tough, especially if you’re on a budget.  However this Christmas, Korres are making buying gifts a piece of cake with their Little Stars shower gel gift set.

It is ideal for the globetrotter in your life or simply the person who likes to indulge when taking a shower as it includes 4 of Korres most loved shower gel scents including my personal favourite, Bergamot Pear as well as Fig, Lavender Blossom and Bergamot Jasmine.

They apply beautifully to the skin, lathering up to a light creamy foam that is easy to wash away.  The Korres shower gels give you an epic clean feeling without leaving the skin feeling tight or too squeaky clean.  They contain wheat proteins and althea extract which form a protective layer on the skin and help to maintain the skins natural moisture levels.

Korres shower gels are dermatologically tested and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans so if this is of a concern to those you’re buying gifts for, you can shop without worry when it comes to this brand!  The great thing about Korres is that their website is so comprehensive; you can see what is in the products, the percentage of natural ingredients and a whole host of other vital and nice to know information.

Korres Little Stars gift set whatlauraloves

They’re all 40ml so are the perfect travel size whether you’re buying for someone who is hopping on a plane soon or for someone who loves to go on mini breaks away.  I’m keeping mine for when I go to Belfast later this month as a couple of these will see my boyfriend and I though the 4 days that we’re there.

I love Korres products because they feel really special and are something a little different to your run of the mill products that you’d usually find in mass on the shelves at your local supermarket, yet as a brand they’re becoming more and more accessible too.  At only £10 from Tesco, you can pick this goodun up with your weekly shop and treat someone you love this Christmas.  You can also buy online from Liberty London.

If you’re looking for more affordable gift set ideas for Christmas, then I’d recommend checking out my review of the Feather & Down Sleep Essentials gift set.

I’d love to use more Korres products, what would you recommend to me?  Which do you think would be your favourite scent from this set?

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