Lash and Brow trends for 2022

2021 has been dominated by mega volume lashes, Kim K-inspired wispy shapes and the continued rise of M curl and L curl lashes. Over in the world of brows, full laminated eyebrows have stayed firmly in vogue all year. But what does 2022 hold in store? Let’s see what the crystal ball says…

2022 lash trends

The natural look…

There’s been a rise in demand for bigger and bigger lash extensions of late. In the days of mandatory masks, it’s unsurprising that beauty looks became all about the eye area! Many now predict the that lips will be back in a big way,meaning that eyes will be emphasised in a still beautiful butless dramatic way. Many of the rising trends are dominated by lashes designed to have people questioning – are they or aren’t they real?

Here are some of the natural look lash trends for 2022:

Brown lashes

After seeing an upsurge in popularity in lash competitions, brown lashes are likely to take greater prominence in 2022. Whether for classic lashes, hybrid or Russian volume, dark or light brown lashes are a great way to achieve an enviable flutter that will have your friends thinking you were simply blessed in the lash department. For a half-way house, ask your lash technician to blend black and brown lashes in your set.

Express lashes

They’re more affordable and take less time in the lash chair, so it’s no surprise that many lash lovers will turn to smaller sets instead. You can have fuller lashes applied from the middle to the outer edge of your eye – perfect for fans of a cat eye shape, with still enough lashes to add plenty of drama. Or you can have lashes added across the whole eye, just not on every single lash. Both looks create an effect that’s less noticeably ‘false’. However, keep in mind that with fewer lashes, this type of look won’t last you as long as a full set. 

Lash lifts

One sure-fire to get natural-looking lashes is to stick to your natural lashes! If you’re tired of the constant cycle of infills that comes with committing to eyelash extensions, a lash lift is a lower maintenance approach. A lash lift lifts and curls your lashes, creating a beautiful open-eyed effect. It lasts 4-6 weeks and can be accompanied by a tint so you don’t even need mascara.

Classic & hybrid lashes

With more natural-looking lashes coming back to fashion, classic lashes are anticipated to be more in demand in 2022. This is where one false lash is applied to one natural lash, as opposed to a ‘fan’ of multiple lashes being applied (which is known as volume lashes). Next generation ‘flat lashes’ make for excellent retention. For those who find classic lashes too understated, hybrid lashes, which blend one-to-one lashes with volume fans make application quicker and can even be used for a more subtle take on the Kim K look if the lashlengths are mixed correctly.

Men’s lash extensions

Well, why should girls have all the fun? Guys’ beauty regimes have come a long way, incorporating much greater levels of skin and hair care, as well as make-up. So the next logical step is to get lash extensions to enhance those handsome eyes. This trend ties in very much with the rise of brown lashes and J-curl lashes. Bring on the nude lashes!

…and the not-so natural look

The less is more look isn’t for everyone, so if you prefer your lashes with a whole lot of drama, never fear, there are plentyof trends that up the ante on the wow factor. In general, expect straighter silhouettes such as L and M curl lashes to still be the hottest curl shapes, with a slight move away from super-rounded shapes like D curl lashes.

Wispy lashes aka Kardashian Lash Design

This trend is here to stay! Popularised by Kim Kardashian, this textured look is characterised by volume lashes interspersed with spikes of longer lengths for a super feminine and glamorous look. In 2022, you can take the wispy look in one of two ways. Option 1 is to dial up the volume and the drama, with very full baseline lashes and even longer wisps. Option 2 is to pare it back, with minimal all over lashes, letting the longer length spikes enhance your natural lashes. A twist on this is wet-look lashes, where multiple lashes are applied together, volume style, but they are not opened out into fans first.

Eyeliner flick lashes

Cat eye and fox eye lashes have been around for some time now and show no signs of going away – if anything these trends are predicted to get even bigger. Lash addicts are loving a pronounced winged eyeliner effect look also known as an extreme cat eye. This is created using shorter lashes overall but with angled, L curl or M lashes at the outer corners. It’s a look that oozes glamour and partners really well with a statement lip. Win win!

2022 brow trends

Fuller brows

Yes, you’ll be relieved to hear that the full and fluffy brow is here to stay. Brow lamination business is booming and looks set to remain that way. The treatment adds shape, shine, texture and volume – whether you like the immaculately sculpted look or a messier, more bushy finish.

Multitasking & nourishing products

This is something that we expect to see in both the lash and the brow industry – products that do double, or even triple duty. For example, lash and brow tints that also nourish the hair. Clued-up consumers will seek out products that support the health of their eyelashes and brows, whether that’s with serums to keep them strong and healthy in between salon treatments, or growth-promoting products that mean your natural hairs can go it alone without treatments. And if these products are sustainable and vegan-friendly, then all the better.

What lash and brow looks will you be going for in 2022?

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