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Just as I thought the summer was coming to an end, I saw a news bulletin saying that the heat wave will be back so you can imagine my happiness at hearing that!  I’m currently preparing for a trip and getting all of my clothes together.  I like to wear some new pieces when I go and that doesn’t stop at my clothes as I tend to buy new underwear too.  Whilst I’m not going to be doing an undies haul anytime soon, I thought I’d share with you some of the latest underwear trends for this summer, so whether you’re looking to update your underwear collection or just fancy seeing what’s on the market then this post is for you!  That’s right girls, today we’re talking all about the latest underwear trends to get you hot under the collar!

When looking online and in the shops, it looks as though the trends for summer 2013 are very much the same as they are for the rest of the fashion world. Regardless of your shape or size, there is plenty of hot, sexy underwear available this season that’ll make you look stylish and irresistible.  I really think that underwear is just as much about how you feel in it as how you look and whether you wear your underwear for your partner or to make you feel happy then you can rest assured that this summer, there is something for everyone to feel happy and confident in!

The Sheer Trend

Sheer Bras from Very

One of the hottest trends this summer has to be sheer underwear. I think in the past, this style of underwear has only been regarded as being suitable for those with a perfect figure, but what is the perfect figure?!

The styles that are available now enable all women to enjoy the look – you’ll feel super sexy and will only have to show what you want to as there are plenty of options that have cleverly placed sheer material, which hides various parts of the body, so you can find a piece that makes you feel confident.

The Neon Trend

Neon and Bright Bras from Very

Another huge trend this summer are bright neon colours.  These attention grabbing colours allow you to add something a little fun and flirty to your underwear draw whilst drawing attention to your curves.  Lots of the underwear throughout summer 2013 has been designed to look great on its own so you can step out in these designs and look fantastic.

However if you prefer a more understated look, then fear not as there are lots of subtle colours available out there too. The main focus on the catwalk this summer has been sweet and girly yet adventurous and bold and I’m sure we can all relate to those traits once in a while.

Taking The Plunge

Plunge Bras from Very

Generally speaking, as the weather heats up, the clothes we wear become a little more daring.  Tops with a plunging bust come out in the summer months and away go our jumpers however it is important to wear underwear that compliments the style of top you’re wearing, in this case, your lingerie needs to feature a plunging design.  There are so many plunge bras on the market that come in a variety of designs.  This is one of my favourite styles to wear with low tops as it keeps you supported whilst staying hidden underneath your clothes.

The Lace Trend

Lace Bras from Very

Lace has long been a mainstay in the women’s underwear department and continues to be a popular trend to follow.  Lace adds a romantic and flirty appeal to any underwear collection which an overlay of lace adds an elegant and more mature look.  For those looking to feel sexy yet sophisticated then lace is definitely the trend to go for.

When looking to buy some new underwear, I think its important to first think about what it is that you want from your new lingerie; are you looking for a casual, everyday look or something for a special occasion?  All of these trends will help you to look and feel confident, gorgeous and sexy, all that is left for you to decide is which trend to go for!  Whether you’re wearing your underwear for you or someone special, I really think that accurate fitting, sexy underwear can really make you feel more confident and if you invest in a few different trends then you’ll have some stylish sets to put on no matter what the occasion.

What is your favourite trend?

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