Laura’s Saturday Tea Cup

Lately Saturday has been the only day in the week where I have been able to wake up at my own leisure, eat a proper breakfast and have a couple of hours to myself watching the soaps I’ve Virgin+’d off the night before.  Ive never been a one for breakfast or hot drinks but as the winter sets in, enjoying a hot cup is something I have become quite fond of.  Ive never really drank hot drinks all through out the day, or year, I’ve got to really fancy one and only when its cold (I’ve never understood these people who travel to Turkey on their holidays and sit drinking tea- whats that all about? Its boiling!)

With my new found love of hot drinks I thought id do a Saturday Tea Cup post each week where I review what is in my cup.  Something a little different, although I admit, some may find it boring!

So, whats in my Tea Cup this week?

Clipper Organic Everyday Tea

A couple of months ago I sent off for a free sample of Clipper tea bags.  I thought I’d just be sent the one tea bag but I actually received a bag of 10, delivery was quick too as I got them within a few days of entering my details onto the site.

The tea bags I was sent were Clipper’s Organic Everyday Tea Bags and are described on their website as being:

“The UK’s No.1. Organic Tea deliciously blended from the finest Organic estates in India & Sri Lanka. A bright, coppery & refreshing tea perfect for anytime of day.”

First off, I must say that I was really impressed with the packaging of the tea bags; sending out a free sample looking like this makes me automatically think about buying more.  The picture above is the front of the sample pack and the photo below is the reverse side.

The packaging says that the bags are unbleached, I’m assuming that’s why they are a funny brown colour… which doesn’t look too appealing.  They smell quite strong too, almost like a cigarette that hasn’t been lit kind of smell.

Personally, I like my tea to be quite strong, with very little milk… which you would have to with this tea as as soon as you put the water in the cup, the water turns a dark copper colour and the tea starts to infuse straight away.  We usually buy PG Tips in our house and I have to leave the bag in for ages and squeeze the living daylights out of it so to see that I didn’t have to do that with this tea was pleasantly surprising!

I left the bag in to brew for about 3 minutes as the packaging advised 2-4 minutes, before adding a dash of milk.  I did have to add a little more milk than usual as the tea was still very strong with the usual amount I add.  After adding milk, the copper colour of the tea became really apparent and because I’m not used to tea being this colour, it was a little off putting to begin with.

The proof of the tea is in the tasting though… Now this tea is described as being an organic everyday tea.  I love that its organic but i wouldn’t consider this as an everyday tea for me as it left quite a bitter after taste in my mouth which I’m not too fond of.  I found that after adding a little sweetener (which i don’t usually do) though, it was quite nice and a pleasant change to my usual PG cup!  My dad tried this tea as well and he really loved it as he likes his tea strong and a little bitter.  So it just goes to show that what one person doesn’t like, someone else can love.

Have a look at Clipper Tea’s website here where they sell all different kinds of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  Their prices are fantastic too, really low and such good value for being organic.

Just because I didn’t particularly enjoy this kind of tea doesn’t mean I wont try other products by Clipper.  Its all about finding the right tastes for your cup and lets face it- there’s plenty of Saturdays in a year!

Have you tried any particularly nice teas? 

Have you got any little Saturday morning rituals?


  1. Emma
    November 7, 2010 / 12:31 pm

    this was such a cute post! i love the idea of tea, but absolutely cannot stand it, can just about stand iced peppermint in the summer bleurgh! x

  2. Tali
    November 7, 2010 / 3:08 pm

    Great idea for a post.. I love tea. It has to be strong with a splash of milk and 2 sugars.. and I need it 5 times a day!!! Fooking love my tea!!!!!

  3. Laura
    November 8, 2010 / 1:55 am

    Thanks Emma and Tali, i just thought it was something a little different for a blog post! I love peppermint tea and other flavoured ones but can beat a cup of good ol' english tea! xxx

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