Laura’s Saturday Tea Cup

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know I’ve been staying at my cousins since last weekend and I didn’t have my camera with me to upload the piccies for my Saturday Tea Cup post so I’m sorry that this is a little late but as they say, good things come to those who wait!

My tea of choice this week is Pure Peppermint from the Revive and Revitalise range at Twinings.  I tried a sample of this tea about a month ago and immediately went out and bought a big box of 80 bags. It really is THAT delicious.  Great practical and fab looking packaging, by the way Twinings- very quintessentially English!

I never thought I would enjoy Peppermint tea but it truly is a taste that has to be tried.  This has fast become my favourite tea and one which I enjoy quite regularly now, particularly with all of this freezing cold weather that we have been having.  Pure Peppermint tea is best enjoyed after around 3 minutes of brewing and most certainly without milk (I tried adding milk once out of interest and it was vile!).  The tea is medium in colour with a slight green tinge.  It has a cooling peppermint taste that lingers in the mouth without leaving any bitter after taste on the pallet.  I find it really refreshing- it certainly lives up to the ‘Revive and Revitalise’ range as I’ve found that it I drink it when I’m feeling sleepy, I feel more alert afterwards which is unusual since it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Peppermint has so many great properties; it has been known to aid digestion so if you suffer from IBS and alike, then drinking Peppermint tea could really help you.  This makes it great as an after dinner drink too to aid the digestion of your meal.  Also, since this tea is best enjoyed without milk, it is perfect for people who are following diet plans like Slimming World where they are limited to the amount of milk they can drink a day, so if they run out of milk from their daily allowance, they can still enjoy a cup of milk-free tea, or if they want to save their syns or healthy extras for things other than milk, then this tea is a great option.

You can buy this tea in all the major supermarkets and on the Twinings website here, where you can also send away for two tea bag samples like I did.  It really is a great way to discover a tea you haven’t tried before.

Oh and I thought it would be cute to note that the cup I drank my tea out of is one which my fiance had made for me in Asda with a photo of our Bichon Frise puppy Daisy May on… SO cute!!

Have you been enjoying any particularly nice drinks this week?

I was in Costa at the weekend and they had some gorgeous sounding Christmas drinks on the board.  I must make some effort to try them!

What is your favourite Tea?


  1. Anonymous
    December 1, 2010 / 11:49 pm

    I swore by peppermint tea during my whole pregnancy it really helped with morning sickness and helped chill me out so I'll second the fact that it aids digestion/tummy upsets.Fiona C X

  2. Laura
    December 5, 2010 / 6:37 am

    Aw thats fab! Ill have to bear that in mind for when I have a little one!!Laura xoxo

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