Laura’s Saturday Tea Cup

My tea of choice this Saturday is Strawberry and Mango from the Fresh and Fruity range at Twinings.  This tea is pretty close to my heart as its the tea I drank the morning after a really unforgettable day in my life.  I was staying in a gorgeous country house and the next day I enjoyed a lovely breakfast with lots of flavoured tea to choose from and this was the flavour I picked.  I even took a bag home with me and i’ve been buying it ever since.

This is the ultimate summer drink but I enjoy it all year round.  It is gorgeous- refreshing and full of flavour.  Like all fruit teas, it is best enjoyed without milk and after the bag has brewed for about 3 minutes.  Today I was in the mood for something sweet so I added a little sugar to my cup and it was gorgeous!  I usually have it without sugar but ill definitely try this fruity tea with a little sugar in in the future.  I love the colour that this tea goes as well, if you put a bit on a spoon then it looks a bit like when you pour hot water on jelly cubes.

You can buy Twinings fruity teas from all major supermarkets and from where you can also order two teas to try for free!

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