LBD Party SOS Kit with Holland and Barrett

A couple of weeks ago, a very sexy little black box wrapped in a gorgeous red ribbon landed on my doorstep.  Inside were three beauty essentials, courtesy of Holland and Barrett, for me to let you all know about in case you’d like to try them in the countdown to the festive season.

In the run up to the Christmas, so many girls panic about getting ready for all over the parties that they have to go to over the Christmas and New Year.  It’s not just about finding the perfect outfits but looking great within ourselves too.  Whether it be the works Christmas party or a family get together, we all seem to want to look our best and put added pressure on ourselves at this time of the year.  Well, don’t despair, Holland and Barrett don’t want you to feel the pressure, instead they want you to feel naturally body beautiful and shimmy your way into 2013!

Inside my little black box were three products; a pot of coconut oil which is designed to leave skin and hair feeling soft and silky smooth, some Skin, Hair and Nails supplements to make them feel strong and supple and a 14 day Fat Metaboliser party panic plan pot of supplements which are designed to aid those who want to slim down in time for their special occasion.

Miaflora- Coconut Oil

£6.99 for 207ml

You might remember that earlier in the year I blogged about the Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil which I use as a hair mask.  Well this Coconut Oil from Miaflora is very similar and works great as a hair mask treatment and hair oil to smooth fly away ends.  It can be moisturised into the skin in place of your usual daytime moisturiser which I like doing after I’ve been in the bath as it leaves my skin feeling really silky and shimmery; this is perfect, particularly if you’re using it just before a night out as it gives that my skin but better glow.  It sinks in really quickly too.

Speaking of the bath, I’ve also found dropping a dessert spoonful into my running bath water creates a wonderfully moisturising bath, a bit like having a bath with baby oil in which I’ve also blogged about!  This is great to remove false tan too as after lying in the oily water for a few minutes, the false tan starts to break up and I use some exfoliating gloves to slough away the last remnants of the fake tan and stimulate my skin leaving it smooth and silky.  Now there’s a tip for you which will be especially needed after all of those false tan applications over the party period!

It’s not just me who is a fan of coconut oil… In 2011 Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr said she “cannot go a day without it”, actress Jennifer Anniston mixes it with rock salt to create her own body scrub (now that would be good to remove fake tan!) and Gwyneth Paltrow claims it is her secret for looking fabulous in her forties.  Now if they aren’t good enough reasons to jump of the coconut oil band waggon then I don’t know what is!

Holland and Barret- Skin, Hair and Nails supplements

Usually £7.69 for 60 caplets but on offer for £3.84 until 5th December

These are 3 in 1 supplement tablets containing the antioxidants Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene), Vitamin E and Selenium which are all natural ingredients that combine to support healthy hair ready for your rollers and hairspray, vibrant, glowing skin that oozes natural beauty and strong polish ready nails- perfect for the party season!  These supplements are designed to be taken daily, with three tablets per day preferrably with meals; personally, I take one every morning after breakfast while I’m doing my hair and makeup and then two before I go to bed after my evening meal when I’m taking my makeup off, yes you’ve guessed it, I keep mine in my beauty bag!

I’ve used the same type of skin, hair and nails supplements for years from Holland and Barrett and when I stop using them, I do notice a difference, particularly in my hair as it certainly isn’t as strong as when I’m taking the supplements.  If you have weak nails and hair or lacklustre skin, these supplements are something you can take to see if they’ll improve these areas overtime.  It’s certainly not a quick fix but combined with a healthy diet, good skincare routine and drinking lots of water, they may be able to help you as they certainly helped me.



Nutrition Headquarters- Fat Metaboliser

Usually £10.99 for 120 caplets but again they’re on special offer for £5.49 until 5th December


The Nutrition Headquarters Fat Metaboliser supplements are designed to help you to shift those last few pounds as part of a healthy lifestyle plan by taking one tablet mid morning and one tablet mid afternoon everyday.  They contain Vitamin B6 and Chromium which all aid your metabolism and help to maintain normal blood glucose levels.  They claim to give you more energy throughout the day, resulting in a healthier, more energetic you.  Of course the supplements alone wont shed the excess pounds, they need to be combined with a low-fat diet and appropriate exercise.  To help you with this, there is a 14 day diet plan plan that you can download from the Holland and Barrett website that has an easy to follow eating plan and recommended exercises that are designed to tone and strengthen your muscles.

Out of all of the products, these are the ones I haven’t tried as I’m following a diet and exercise plan separately and I’m not taking anything to aid that loss at the moment- incidentally, I’ve just hit the 6 stone weightloss mark.  Hooray!!  I’m not adverse to taking weightloss supplements however, as I’m sure they’ll work for some people, I just can’t tell you my own personal experience.  I wouldn’t recommend such a product on my blog as I haven’t tried them myself but I hope the information I’ve given you about the product is enough for you to tell whether you would like to give them a go.

All of these products are available from the Holland and Barrett website and in store.  I’ve got a points card with them and always use it when I’m in store, it works a bit like the Boots and Superdrug cards so I’d recommend picking up one of those the next time you’re in.  The key fob is the best as it’s so handy and always with me!

What are your LBD ready essentials?  What part of your body are you most focused on getting ready for all of those Christmas nights out?




  1. Colette
    December 4, 2012 / 12:31 pm

    I actually used those fat metaboliser supplements for a short while before going on holidays this year. I was on a pre holiday diet anyway so it's hard to say with 100% certainty what impact they made but I think they did help. Obviously I wouldn't reccommend taking any supplement long term but I think they did give a bit of a boost to my weight loss.To be honest though one of the things I've found best when I've been trying to drop a few pounds or not gain weight (I've lost about 4 and a half stone over the years,and I gain weight super easy so it's something I have to keep track of) are Green Tea extract pills as I can't stand the taste of green tea itself but I found it gave me a weight loss boost and really helped keep my skin clear and healthy. I wish I could stomach green tea but for now the tablet form will have to do me.

    • WhatLauraLoves
      December 4, 2012 / 1:39 pm

      Aw I'm really pleased these worked for you Colette. I haven't tried them yet but I love Green Tea!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous
    December 4, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    I'm not a fan of supplements but that coconut oil looks really good, would I just mix it with sea salt to make a scrub?

  3. Anonymous
    December 5, 2012 / 1:40 pm

    I'm always buying prescription drugs online whenever I gain too much weight. I can say that they are effective because it works for me.

  4. Amber Colburn
    February 12, 2013 / 4:51 pm

    Odd that I haven't heard of that fat metaboliser brand before. Is it also within the hoodia price range?

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