Learn These Facts Before Deciding What Dog Breed is Suitable for Your Lifestyle

Research shows, having a pet can decrease anxiety levels and stress levels alike. It can reduce negative thoughts and help people and their overall mental stability. If you have been thinking of becoming a proud dog owner, and are not sure where to start and what dog would be the most suitable for you, here are some facts to consider. 

Take into account your availability 

A dog is another member of the family and generally requires care, time, dedication, and love. Therefore, when choosing the right dog breed, take into account your schedule, and your availability. If you have a lot of responsibilities during the day and are rushing constantly, you might want to choose a breed less active and in need of care. 

An interesting choice might be the Chinese Crested, as it is affectioned, trainable, loveable, and loyal. It does not fall under the category of extremely active dog breeds and it does not require a lot of maintenance, rather the usual amount of care. It is small in size, which makes it perfect if you are traveling and have a lot of obligations. As said, it is trainable, meaning it is an obedient, less eccentric dog breed, perfect for an owner in need of companionship yet lacks the time. 

Another choice perfect for the above circumstances is Chihuahuas, affectioned, loyal, and portable. These two dog breeds might perfectly suit your needs. 

Take into account if you are a family person

When choosing the perfect dog breed, you should consider if the choice is suitable for families and kids. If you happen to be a family person, have a husband or wife, children, and love outdoor activities, picking and hiking with the family, you must consider dog breeds fitting these criteria. 

A perfect fit might be the legendary Golden retriever, a trademark family dog, however, due to their size, they are prone to several diseases. Fortunately, you can go for the Goldendoodle, a hybrid as its parents are a retriever and poodle and therefore it has the genes making it less affected by a certain disease. The dog is perfect for families, it has a warm and kind nature. It is affectioned, loving, caring, loyal and the Goldendoodle colors make it astonishingly beautiful and extraordinary. It has the character traits of both its parents, it is sophisticated as a poodle yet playful, joyous, and loyal like a retriever. 

It is a great addition to the family, is perfect to have around kids – even small children – and will certainly be the right pick, especially as you’ll make the kids happy. 

Active lifestyle 

A lot of dog owners prefer an active lifestyle such as running, jogging, hiking, and similar physical activities to stay fit and healthy. However, such lifestyle habits and routines might not be suited for every dog breed, as certain breeds are not acquainted with the level of physical exercise and activity the owner requires. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a dog to keep you company during those long jogging sessions and running around the block routines, you might be better off with a breed with high energy levels and a lean body. One such dog might be a greyhound, their muscular structure and anatomy make them endure a lot of physical activity over longer periods of time. They are notoriously loyal and can even protect you if there is a need. 

They are amazing creatures, who love to curl and can give you all the love you need. Another choice for an active lifestyle, for lovers of outdoor activities, is the Irish Wolfhound or Siberian Husky, as both dog breeds are perfect if you happen to visit the countryside often or prefer camping and hiking trips. If you prefer distance running and are looking for an energetic dog with excellent endurance, you might go for a Vizslas or Labrador retriever, both breeds known for their ability to cover long distances and walk for miles if needed. 

What if you are traveling a lot?

When it comes to travel and trips abroad, having a dog can be a logistical nightmare as you need to take into account whether you can take it with you or you need to leave it. Most vets are suggesting leaving the dog behind if there is someone who can take them, or if you are only away for a couple of days. In that case, all you need is to simply leave them food and make sure to be back on time. 

For any travel, especially if it happens often and you would prefer taking the pet with you, the smaller breeds are excellent as you can take them with you in the passenger compartment of the plane. They are also quite resilient to changes in climate and food and are perfect companions on trips. Large dog breeds go into the cargo compartment, where they are exposed to certain conditions not suited for animals. No matter the breed of your dog, make sure to get them microchipped and have them wear a custom dog ID tag. The more your travel with your pet, the higher the chance of accidents. You want to leave some sort of identification and your contact number on them in case of the unexpected. You might also want to get a pet tracker or GPS collar for them, especially if you let them off the lead often when you’re outside. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have made up your mind, we hope your future best friend will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle and choices.

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