Learn These Ways To Help Calm Your Anxiety In A Few Minutes

Feeling anxious is quite common when you experience something new or thrilling. It helps you identify anything out of the ordinary and prepares you to respond wisely to any situation. However, anxiety does not always bring something good to the table. If you don’t learn how to keep your composure, it can affect your overall health and well-being. 


According to reports, 40% of US adults have an anxiety disorder, which can start to affect you as early as 3. But, as kids grow, some tend to overcome the condition. On the other hand, others have to look for other means to calm their mind. 


If you belong to the latter category, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few measures that you can try to ease your mind. 


Play 5-5-5 Game

Anxiety often involves overthinking negative thoughts in a loop. These thoughts make it challenging to view life in a positive light and make the most out of life. To stop these thoughts and live in the present moment, you can try a 5-5-5 game. 

● Look around yourself and name any five things you “see.” 

● List out five sounds you “hear” and 

● Move five parts of your body you “feel.” (For instance, nodding your head, rotating your ankle, wiggling your ears, and more.)


Doing so will help you come out of your thoughts and feel at ease. The best part is that you can perform this exercise anytime and anywhere. 


● Distract Your Mind

If you are feeling uneasy or uncomfortable, look for things to distract your mind from things bothering you. It could be anything: doing dishes, watching a funny movie, or talking on the phone. The purpose is to break free from the loop. Even so, understand that distractions that may work for your friend might trigger you. That’s why you need to carefully select your distraction. 


● Feed Yourself

There are a few edible items that can support brain functioning and minimize negative thoughts or stress. For instance, you can try cannabis edibles to improve your mental well-being. The experts at purple penthouse dc explain that edibles can promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. This makes you feel relieved quite effectively and also ensures quality sleep. Nevertheless, it would be wise to consult professionals before making any significant changes in your diet and about the appropriate dosage. 


● Try Brisk Walking

As you already know, exercise helps reduce stress and promote mental health. So, you must take a few minutes out of your schedule for brisk walking. It will help boost feel-good neurotransmitters, improve breathing (which is also an effective way to calm your mind), and lower the chances of developing a disorder. 


● Perform “File It” Mind Exercise 

If you are awake at night due to bothersome thoughts, this exercise can help you feel at ease. It is quite simple. Just imagine that you are in a cabin with lots of files. Pick any single file, write down the thought that’s been keeping you awake, and put the file away. Do this as many times as you like. It will break your chain of thoughts and make you fall asleep quickly. 


Wrapping It All Up

Anxiousness is pretty common and can benefit you in your daily life. However, to reap its benefits, you must learn to calm your mind using the measures stated above.

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